Struggling in one of your classes? Want help organizing your life? Looking for some fresh study strategies? Need assistance with your English grammar skills? If so, you have found the right place, and we are here to help.

Support services


Tutors can help you with homework, studying and test-taking for most 100-level and many 200-level classes. Tutoring is a once-weekly semester-long commitment; students will meet with their assigned tutor through the last week of class.

How to request a tutor

Pick up a tutor request form from our office. After the form is completed and returned, you will typically be assigned to a tutor within 24–48 hours.


The first day to request a tutor is typically one week after the semester begins. The last day to request a tutor is typically one week after the last day to drop a class. Visit the calendar for specific dates and relevant deadlines.

Cost: Tutoring is free for all Calvin students.

Not a current Calvin student? Contact Handshake for instructions on how to post your tutoring request.

Have more questions? Please visit our FAQ page or contact Caitlin Finch, Calvin's tutor coordinator, for more information.


We provide a coaching program for students with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders and other students who benefit from help with time management and study skills. Coaches give suggestions and feedback as well as encouragement on how to manage academics with other areas of life.

The program involves support from coaches (peers) in the areas of:

  • Education and self-advocacy
  • Time management
  • Procrastination
  • Note taking
  • Environment for studying
  • Taking tests
  • General organizational skills

How to request a coach

Stop by our office to complete a coaching request form. You will be notified via your Calvin email of your coaching assignment within 48 hours. It will be your responsibility to check in to find out when your first meeting will take place.


Coaching is offered until approximately one month before the end of the semester.

Cost: Coaching is free for all Calvn students.

Have more questions? Try our FAQ page or contact Caitlin Finch.


We provide English language instruction to international students who need/choose to improve their writing for an American academic audience.


  • Writing classes: ENGL-100 and ENGL-102 are designed for international students who want help with American writing expectations and cultural concerns.
  • Tutoring: Help is provided for most core requirement classes and many other 100- and 200-level courses.
  • Academic counseling
  • Individual help: Students having academic or non-academic concerns regarding their experiences both in and outside of the classroom.

While questions concerning financial aid, visa issues, insurance and health services cannot be directly answered by the academic services staff, we can provide direct referrals to the appropriate staff.

Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page or contact Sara Vander Bie, Calvin's ESL Coordinator.