Full instructions are listed on each individual form. All forms are PDF files, except for Student Resource log-in links, and can be printed, filled out and returned to our Spoelhof location unless otherwise noted.

Directory information

Disability verification

If applicable, please attach any other reports, evaluations or test results with the appropriate form.

Graduation and commencement

Application for Degree: As a senior, or as a graduate student nearing completion, you must apply for program completion in Workday. Click here for detailed instructions.

Program or advisor change


  • Overload Request: request permission to exceed 18 credit hours/semester; extra cost is applicable if approved

Special course work and credit

  • Exemption or Credit Exam Application:
    • Exemption Exam: passing this exam will exempt you from taking the course without receiving any credit hours
    • Credit Exam: passing this exam will grant you the course credit hours; your grade on the exam will be recorded as the grade for the class
    Please contact the department offering the course to make arrangements and check deadlines.
  • Independent Study: create a course that does not exist in the catalog with approval of an instructor.
  • Tutorial Request: take a pre-existing catalog course on your own.

Student records


  • Transfer Credit Pre-Approval Form:

    Request transfer approval for courses/colleges not included in the pre-approved list. These should be submitted to Center for Student Success prior to taking the course(s). Major, minor and program courses must be approved by advisor. For core and general elective credit, you may e-mail the completed form to our office.

  • Michigan Uniform Undergraduate Guest Application: apply for admission as a guest student in order to take classes at a Michigan college/university (additional requirements may apply).


  • Create an online four year plan.
  • Requesting for Leave of Absence: Within Workday you can search "Request Leave of Absence" for a leave of absence from enrollment at Calvin University for one academic term while maintaining access to web mail, and Moodle accounts. You will not need to re-apply for admission upon returning.

  • Incomplete Grade Contract: Arrange an incomplete grade for a course with professor approval. Form is for use between professor/student and does not need to be turned into our office.