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Chapel 10/13/2017 be loud: Student Worship Team Video
Chapel 10/12/2017 belong: Sounds of Korean Worship Video
Chapel 10/11/2017 behold: Hymn-Sing (Choose your favorite song) Video
Chapel 10/10/2017 be still: Lectio Divina with Bob Crow and Pastor Joella Video
Chapel 10/09/2017 believe: OT Characters: Miriam - Sam Lee, Project Neighborhood Mentor, Travis Street House Video
LOFT 10/08/2017 Old Testament Characters: OT Characters - Priestly Covenant/Aaron (Exodus 28-32) Rev. Mary Hulst, College Chaplain Video
Chapel 10/06/2017 be loud: Student Worship Team Video
Chapel 10/05/2017 belong: Sounds of Gospel Worship Video
Chapel 10/04/2017 behold: Jazz Prayers with Calvin Jazz Combo Video
Chapel 10/03/2017 be still: Morning Prayer with Prof. Kurt Schaefer Video