May 26, 2023 | Matt Kucinski

Three international students walking on a spring day on a campus pathway.
Students from 65 countries around the world attend Calvin University in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The doors to a Calvin education have never been more open. Students from more than 90 countries have submitted their applications to Calvin for the 2023-2024 school year. The interest, which represents nearly half the countries in the world, is record-setting.

“When we see the amount of interest from outside the United States in a Calvin education it shows the value our international community places on an education that offers strong academic programming and doesn’t waver from its Christian commitments,” said Tara Braun, director of international admissions.

This year’s applicant pool stretches from Honduras to Malaysia, from South Africa to the United Kingdom. The international interest amounts to about 30-percent of the university’s total undergraduate applications this year.

A vibrant community

While students from outside the U.S. see Calvin’s academic strength, what student after student seem to appreciate most is the community they encounter on campus.

“The community is awesome, such a wide variety of people, different countries, studying different things, different backgrounds, easy to find your group, your people you fit with. The community aspect is amazing,” said Catie Kramer, a first-year student from Canada double-majoring in kinesiology and biochemistry and minoring in French. 

“I’ve not only experienced cultural diversity, but also diversity in people’s experiences,” said Noro Dung, a computer science major from Nigeria who just finished her second year at Calvin. “Interacting with students from every continent has been amazing. The more globally literate someone is the more compassion they have towards others.”

“When I hear the word ‘community,’ I think of a group of people forming around one particular thing,” said Rachit Kharel, an elementary education major from Nepal who just finished his second year at Calvin. “But at Calvin, it goes beyond to include so many groups coming together making that community, and that diversity in community spices things up more.”

A growing diversity of learners

“We are thrilled that over the next couple of months we will again welcome such a diverse group of students to our community, and we are anticipating an ever more vibrant learning community because of this rich diversity,” said Lauren Jensen, vice president for enrollment strategy.

The geographic diversity continues to grow. Last year’s incoming undergraduate class had over 17% of its students coming from outside the United States. The ten most represented countries other than the U.S. that make up Calvin’s current student body include India, South Korea, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Honduras, Canada, China, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

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Whether you are an American citizen living abroad or a citizen of another country (including Canada), our international admissions team is eager to provide you with information and resources that will help you with the admissions process and your transition to the U.S. and to Calvin.

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