March 10, 2023 | Matt Kucinski

When Noro Dung was looking at colleges and universities, she knew she wanted “somewhere grounded and rooted in God,” but also a place “that didn’t force you to go to chapel every single day.”

Dung grew up in Nigeria, where both her mom and uncle are pastors. She attended Christian school and church regularly. While she appreciates her upbringing, she craved going to a university where she was not forced, but rather free, to pursue her faith.

Freely pursuing faith

“I’m always scared of an institution that forces faith on people, because if it’s forced and someone’s doing it because it’s forced, it’s fake,” said Dung. “But Calvin University allows you to understand your faith and love what you are doing, and I go to Chapel knowing I’m not forced to be there. I think people in our generation are like that.”

But it doesn’t stop there. For Dung, a sophomore computer science major, it goes well beyond having the choice of whether to attend daily Chapel, it’s having permission and being encouraged to explore every subject through the lens of one’s Christian faith.

Integrating faith

Coming to Calvin, Dung was considering going into computer science as she had enjoyed dabbling with the subject a bit in high school, but she also wanted whatever she did at work to tie into her faith. She could not see a way to reconcile the two.

Then she stepped into her first computer science class.

“Professor Schuurman didn’t just teach us computer science, he made us understand how we are image carriers and computer science is about expressing ourselves,” said Dung. “As image bearers of God, we use our brain to solve things. And it was so amazing to me how he was able to tie it all into Christ and to loving what you are doing and still knowing about God.”

Not only did she stick with computer science, but she was also doing her homework a week ahead of time. “I was so excited to come to class,” said Dung.

Dung would find this integration of faith and learning at every turn.

“I’ve seen that in every single class. I see how they [my professors] really do know how to tie everything into faith, even the core classes we must take,” said Dung. “I ended up appreciating those things, having a little knowledge in every single subject area and knowing how each connects to Christ.”

Developing global and subject literacy

What has made Dung’s experience even richer is the diversity of her community.

“I’ve not only experienced cultural diversity, but also diversity in people’s experiences,” said Dung. “Interacting with students from every continent has been amazing. The more globally literate someone is the more compassion they have towards others.”

Dung says her time at Calvin is helping her develop both global and subject literacy, and that’s allowing her to “hold a conversation with anyone from any sphere of influence.”

Living with intention

It’s also allowed her to discover more about herself.

“I’m getting to know my hidden talents,” said Dung about her newfound communication skills. “Calvin gives you opportunity to learn things you didn’t think you could do before.”

For Dung, it’s about going beyond the expected. And in doing so, discovering a deeper, richer faith.

“Once we know why we are doing what we are doing, we do it more happily and with intention,” said Dung.

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