Weather Related Policies for Students

Basic information

  • Approved by:
    • Campus Safety
  • Last updated: December 16, 2015

The Campus Safety Dispatcher is kept informed about weather conditions through the National Weather Service. Normal class schedules will be maintained during a weather alert unless otherwise directed.

In the event of a tornado warning, classes will be suspended immediately, and all persons must take cover in the nearest designated tornado shelter away from glass doors and windows. As a general policy, Calvin University does not close normal operations due to severe winter weather. Exceptions are made only when it is clear that university facilities cannot be used due to heating, electrical or other mechanical failure, or when public and campus roadways are impassable.

In the context of this "no close" policy, the university does not expect students or faculty/staff to take unreasonable risks in coming to the campus during times of severe weather or hazardous driving conditions. Students and faculty/staff will not be penalized for deciding that conditions, on the basis of their own individual good judgment, are too treacherous to come to the campus. Furthermore, when such weather conditions prevail, faculty will do everything possible to facilitate the students' efforts to obtain any information missed due to weather conditions.

In those rare circumstances when the campus must be closed, local radio and TV stations will be notified for regular reporting to the public. Additionally the emergency notification system will be used to send text and voice messages along with e-mails to anyone who has signed up to receive them. When this is done, it will be based upon the best judgment of the administration after assessing the severity of road conditions, carefully weighing the risks to commuters, and taking into account the welfare of the university community and its many individual members.


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