Student Identification Cards

Basic information

  • Applies to:
    • Parents
    • Current Students
  • Approved by:
    • Student Life
  • Last updated: October 4, 2016

Upon arrival at Calvin, each student is issued a picture ID card for no charge. If a student loses the ID card, s/he should report to the Student Life Office (Spoelhof Center 364). The replacement fee for a lost ID is $25.00; $10 will be returned if your recent lost ID card is found and returned within ten business days. There is always a charge for LOST ID cards. Broken or non-functioning cards can be replaced for $5. Replacement cards are given for free if a year or more has passed since the last card's print date. You must have your ID card with you or your ID is considered lost and a charge will apply. Cards are not alterable or transferable to other students for any reason, including meal plan use. Attempts to do so could result in disciplinary procedures and/or a fine up to $50.00.


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