Residence Life Case Review Requests

Basic information

  • Applies to:
    • Current Students
  • Issued: October 19, 2017
  • Last updated: October 19, 2017

Residence Life professional staff members may issues sanctions for minor infractions of published housing-related policies (e.g. open house, candles, smoking, pranks, sports in the hall, building damage, etc.).  Students who receive these sanctions have an option to request a case review through the Dean of Students.

Grounds for a Case Review:

  1. Evidence related to the case is now available that was unavailable or unknown at the time of the initial student conduct meeting that could considerably affect the outcome.
  2. The university significantly deviated from its stated conduct procedures in such a way that materially affected the fairness of the student conduct meeting.
  3. The sanction(s) is/are substantially disproportionate to the severity of the violation, and/or more severe than published standard sanctions.


Requests for Case Reviews must be submitted in writing to the Dean of Students ( within five days. The request must be accompanied by documentation of the evidence supporting the grounds for the appeal.  The stated grounds for appeal will be evaluated and if it is determined that sufficient grounds for case review exist, the case review will go forward.


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