Intramural Softball (Men's)

Basic information

Rules and policies applying to intramural men's softball teams and players.


Team is made up of 10 players. The tenth player is designated as a short fielder and normally is positioned between infielders and outfielders.


Catchers are encouraged to wear a mask during the game. A catcher's mask can be obtained from the equipment room office. Metal spikes may NOT be worn.

Length of game

Games will be scheduled for 50 minutes. The last inning must begin before the 40 th minute to ensure the completion of the inning.


Underhand pitching must be at a moderate speed and with a perceptible arc reaching a height of not less than 6 feet from the ground nor more than 12 feet from the ground. To begin the pitching motion, the ball may be held in front with one or two hands. It is not necessary to take a step but, if a step is taken, it must be towards the batter. Pitchers will pitch to their own team. They may not field a ball while pitching. If they interfere with a hit ball or a play, either intentionally or unintentionally, the batter is automatically out. The pitcher must wait to pitch until the outfield is ready. If he/she pitches before they are ready the batter is out. When it is the pitcher's turn to bat he/she must be replaced by another pitcher. When he/she has scored or is out, he/she can resume his/her pitching position.


The strike zone extends form the shoulders to the knees. An illegal pitch is counted as a ball on the batter. Base runners may not advance on illegal pitches. Each batter gets 4 pitches to hit which means 4 strikes and you're out or 4 foul balls and you're out. There is no base of balls.

Base running

Stealing bases is not permitted. Base runners can not leave their base until the pitched ball has reached home plate.



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