Intramural Badminton

Basic information

Rules and policies applying to intramural badminton teams and players.


Individuals or teams shall be referred to as the "in" side or the "out" side and the receivers are the "out" side.

An Intramural game consists of 11 points. A match is 2 out of 3 games.

Players shall serve from (and receive service in) their respective right service court when the server's score is zero, or when an even number of points has been scored by the server, and from the left service court when the server has scored an odd number of points. Both players change courts when a point has been scored.


In serving, if the shuttle is higher than the server's waist when struck or if any of the head of the racquet is higher than any part of the server's hand holding the racquet.

If the shuttle falls into the wrong service court on service.

If the server is not standing fully in his court or receiver is not fully in his court.

Making preliminary feints or balking an opponent.

If in service or play, shuttle falls outside the boundary lines, or passes through or under the net, or fails to pass the net, or touches the roof or side walls or the person or dress of a player. (A shuttle that falls on the line is considered good.)

Shuttle struck before it crosses to the strikers' side of the net. (Striker may follow through over the net.)

Touching the net or its supports with racket, person or dress when the shuttle is in play.

Hitting the shuttle twice in succession or carrying or slinging the shuttle.

Being struck by the shuttle or "ticking" it when striking. Swinging and missing completely is not a fault.

General Rules

If, in service, the shuttle touches the net it is legal if it travels into the proper service court.

If a player plays the shuttle that is about to land on our near a boundary line, it is in play. No fault can be called if it is played.

The winner of a game serves first in the next game.

If a player is striking the shuttle downward quite near the net, his opponent must not put up his racket near the net on the chance that the shuttle will rebound from it. This is an obstruction. He may hold the racket up to protect his face, if he does not balk his opponent.


Serving The player on the in-side in the right hand court begins the serve as long as points are scored. When a fault is called on the in-side, the server's hand is out and the serve goes over to the opponents. Only one hand in the serves occurs on the initial serve of the game. Then both partners must serve before a hand out occurs. Remember these three things

When a point is scored, only the serving side switches courts.

When a side has won the right to serve, the first partner begins the serve in the right hand corner.

The second partner begins the serve from the court that he is in when a fault occurs.

When a player serves out of turn or from the wrong service court and his/her side wins the rally, it shall be a "let". Play it over, provided that it is claimed before the next succeeding service is delivered.



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