Hot Work Policy

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To establish the minimum requirements for the safe execution of work that has the potential for destruction of property and/or personnel injury through the initiation of a fire. Tasks that fall under the Hot Work Program would include welding, soldering, torch cutting, grinding, brazing, burning or any such activity that could result in the ignition of nearby combustible materials via the generation of sparks, heat, or any other ignition sources. This program applies to Calvin University employees & sub-contractors who perform or supervise hot work activities in existing buildings, new construction in existing buildings, and new construction attached to existing buildings. Hot work performed by general contractors will be done in compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations and in accordance with the general contractor’s safety plan.


It is the policy of Calvin University that employees, visitors or contractors involved in hot work adhere to NFPA 51B and MIOSHA Part 12.

*This policy is currently under review.


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