Fall Protection Policy

Basic information


The purpose of this fall protection program is to establish guidelines to protect all employees engaged in work activities that expose them to potential falls from elevations.


Fall hazards must first be controlled through engineering controls if feasible. When engineering controls are not feasible, then personal fall arrest systems, administrative controls and training must be instituted.

If a fall hazard cannot be eliminated, then a fall arrest system utilizing, one hundred percent fall protection, shall be utilized by an individual including but not limited to the following situations:

  • In elevated positions six feet or higher where no physical protection such as handrails exists. Good judgment is required in all situations.
  • At heights less than six feet, consideration should be given to the work environment, working conditions, good footing etc.
  • Within six feet of the edge of a flat roof and any place on roofs with a slope of four inches to twelve inches or greater (vertical to horizontal).
  • NOTE: Skylights or any other roof surface not designed to support personnel must be treated the same as the roof edge.
  • Working from ladders where the employee’s feet are more than 6 feet above the base surface.

The Calvin University Fall Protection Program shall apply to all employees who are exposed to a falling hazard of six feet or more to a lower level. Employees will not be required, nor allowed to perform any duties which require the employee to get closer than six feet to an unprotected edge, platform, walkway of any building or utilize elevated equipment unless the employee is properly secured from falling.

Additionally, the Fall Protection Program shall apply to all employees in order to minimize slips, trips and falls on the same elevation. All employees shall control fall hazards in their work area by maintaining good housekeeping and shall report conditions that may lead to slips, trips and falls to Environmental, Health and Occupational Safety (EHS).

Exceptions to this requirement include the working sides of loading docks and exposed perimeters of entertainment stages. Employees may use portable ladders without fall protection equipment up to six feet.

Contractors for Calvin University are required to comply with all applicable regulations and shall have their own fall protection program.



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