Credit Card Policy and Procedure

Basic information

Use for all travel related expenditures and other types of purchases whenever possible.

Credit Card Policy

Calvin's Corporate Credit Cards should be used for ALL travel related expenditures (air fare, lodging, meals, vehicle rentals, fuel expenses, etc.).

Corporate credit cards should also be used for other types of Calvin-related purchases whenever possible as Calvin receives a rebate (similar to cash back) on purchases.

Under no circumstances should a Calvin credit card be used for personal transactions.

New Credit Card Requests

In order to receive a Calvin corporate credit card for the first time, an individual will need to complete the “Huntington Corporate Card Request & Usage Agreement” found in Workday under the “Create Request” task. This form should be completed by the new card requestor and will automatically route to the appropriate supervisors for review and approval. Please review the “Request a Huntington credit card” job aid located in the Workday SharePoint site for instructions on how to complete the request.

Credit Card Purchasing Procedures

  1. Obtain verbal approval from the Worktag Manager prior to making the purchase.

  2. Transact purchase with the credit card. Retain all original receipts or use the Workday mobile app to take a picture of the receipt for later use during the Expense Report process. Document the “Three P’s” – People, Place, and Purpose for meals and entertainment expenses as this will be required in the Expense Report.

  3. Complete an Expense Report in Workday for the purchases. For additional information on the Expense Report process, please visit the Workday SharePoint site.




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