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Calvin College is committed to an excellent educational experience for students and welcomes opinions and feedback regarding programs, services, and personnel. All students have the right to register a concern regarding a college policy or procedure or a person’s behavior as described in the policies referred to below:

Challenging the accuracy of student records – See Calvin’s FERPA policy.

Concerns about academic sanctions given as a result of academic dishonesty – See the procedures outlined in the Student Handbook.

Concerns and appeals regarding faculty, courses, or general teaching effectiveness – See the Faculty Concerns, Protest, and Appeals section of the Calvin’s Student Handbook. Complaints can be registered at any time using the Comment-on-Faculty form, available in the college’s online portal.

Concerns about online or out-of-state courses – Students who are taking Calvin courses while in another state may also contact that state to register a complaint. A current list of the states in which Calvin is authorized to offer courses and their complaint procedures can be found on the registrar’s website.

Discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or abuse of power (whether experienced or witnessed) – The college encourages the reporting of all perceived incidents of discrimination, harassment or retaliation regardless of the offender’s identity or position. Reports may be made to a Safer Spaces Coordinator. Reports also may be made via the “I Will Report It” 24/7 designated message line at 616-526-IWRI (616-526-4974) or via the online Comment-on-Faculty form. The Safer Spaces policy outlines the procedures for handling such complaints.

Discrimination on the basis of disability – See Calvin’s Grievance Procedures for Persons with Disabilities. This policy is published in the Student Handbook.

Calvin College seeks to resolve student concerns in a timely and effective manner. The college is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. If a student believes that the college’s internal procedures have not adequately addressed his or her concerns, the student may directly register a complaint about the college with the Higher Learning Commission by email ( or in writing to The Higher Learning Commission; 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500; Chicago, Illinois 60604-1411.

Questions or concerns about Calvin’s complaint policies should be directed to the provost.



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