Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Plan

Basic information


Calvin University's Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Plan has three primary objectives: 1) remove existing contamination and remove/repair small quantities of damaged asbestos containing material (ACM), 2) minimize potential for disturbance and release of asbestos fibers through controlling access, and 3) maintain ACM until removed.

The goal of this program is the elimination of employee exposure to ACM. Specific procedures have been developed which, if followed, will allow employees to safely conduct routine and non-routine maintenance activities on equipment that may be in the vicinity of ACM without risk of employee exposure.


Calvin University employees will not perform regularly scheduled or anticipated Class I asbestos abatement. Calvin University will contact outside contractors to perform Class I asbestos abatement activities. In an emergency situation Calvin University Facilities Staff with 16-Hour Operations and Maintenance Training may intercede to prevent a sudden, unexpected event that if not immediately attended to will result in a public safety or health threat, will damage equipment, or will result in unreasonable financial burden from deteriorating while awaiting the arrival of the abatement contractor.


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