Refugee & Immigration Collaborative: Connecting Global Neighbors

Visit for a wide variety of resources compiled by the Refugee and Immigrant Collaborative, including videos from each participant which share why they personally care about these topics. Each working group member also shares a video addressing their area of expertise—biblical, historical, and legal perspectives; myths about refugees and immigrants; and strategies about dialoguing across differences. Learn more about this group in Spark >>

Christian Perspectives on Mental Health

An outcome of the Calvin Alumni Initiative on Mental Health, cosponsored by the Calvin Alumni Association and the CCCS, was to minimize the stigma related to mental illness. The group decided the best avenue was to help educate emerging adults about mental health and this FAQ site accomplishes that goal. The FAQ site may be accessed here: Mental Health FAQ

Sport and Christianity

Christians today are questioning the role that their faith plays in sport. The Declaration on Sport and the Christian Life was written to reach not only those who are already considering their faith and sport, but also those who have engaged in the cultural practice of sport without realizing there might be a way that sport affects their life. Hence, the Declaration on Sport and the Christian Life is a twelve point document detailing how to fit sport within a Christian framework. Visit the website to find out more.

Running the Engine: How Energy Propels the Economy

Beyond GDP - Matthew Heun from Calvin University on Vimeo.

Professor of Engineering at Calvin University, Matthew Heun shares his research on how energy and the economy are linked.

Turning South and East

CCCS - Turning South and East from Calvin University on Vimeo.

Eminent Christian scholars, Nicholas Wolterstorff, Susan Van Zanten, and Mark Noll, share their life-changing encounters with world Christianity.

Christian Higher Education Online (CHEO)

Puzzled over the challenges and opportunities of online education? Tired of the MOOC hype? Read a thoughtful report on Christian Higher Education Online (CHEO) written by Kara Sevensma (Education) and Marj Terpstra (Education), leaders of a year-long Calvin working group sponsored by the Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship. The report considers pedagogical strategies, evaluates the landscape of online education both at Calvin and beyond, and provides an annotated bibliography of resources. Access the report here.

New People: Methodism and Modernization in Mexico, 1873-1930
By Professor Ruben Ruiz Guerra
English translation by Daniel R. Miller

New People: Methodism and Modernization in Mexico, 1873 to 1930, by Professor Ruben Ruiz Guerra, is a history of the beginnings of Methodism in Mexico. It describes how the church matured from an organization dependent on missionaries into an indigenous Mexican denomination. Read the entire book in PDF format.


A performative art installation that addresses the mas femicides of Juarez, Mexico. Embroidered shirts and altars commemorate the murder victims. Learn more here.

Academic Symposium in Honor of the Inauguration of
Michael Le Roy, PhD — October 18-19, 2012

An Academic Symposium in honor of the inauguration of Michael Le Roy, PhD was held on Thursday, October 18, and Friday, October 19, 2012, with Dr. Julia Stronks (Whitworth University) speaking on “Education for Shalom: A Theology of Citizenship for a Complex World” and Dr. Mark Noll (University of Notre Dame) speaking on “The Bible in Calvin College’s Reformed Past and Worldwide Future.” Downloads of the speeches and alumni responses are available as well as access to the videos here.

Reformed Mission in an Age of World Christianity

Faith in Jesus Christ is celebrated today in more languages and lands than any other living faith. This book attends to the future of world Christianity within the framework of Reformed theological thinking about the intersection of living, learning, and acting, providing fresh ideas for the 21st century. Individual chapters may be downloaded without cost here.

Eating as an Act of Justice

In 2011-2012, a group of faculty members met monthly to discuss "Eating as an Act of Justice." A summary of their conversations and a topical bibliography of books, essays, and video resources may be downloaded here.

Political Discourse from the Perspective of Faith

The Calvin Alumni Association and the Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship in 2011-2012 funded a group of Calvin faculty and alumni to discuss political discourse from the perspective of faith. Learn more.

Masculinity in American Christianity: Recent Developments and Conflicting Directions

A 2010-2011 Working Group examined a representative sample of the existing literature on masculinity and sought to connect this aspect of gender with Christian thought, living, and engagement with society and culture. An annotated bibliography is available to guide your own reading. Download here.

AIDS, Religion, and Social Activism in Africa

In 2010-2011, Amy Patterson (Political Science and now a faculty member at University of the South) received a CCCS Major Grant to organize a conference on AIDS and activism in Uganda. 9 papers from the conference will be published in the Canadian Journal of African Studies. Information on the International Research Network on AIDS and Religion in Africa may be accessed here.

The Economic Crisis and Beyond: Christian Reflections for Turbulent Times

The reflections on this site are the product of a group of alumni and faculty members’ work over the 2009-2010 academic year. This project was co-funded by the Calvin Alumni Association and the Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship. View the site.