The Calvin Center has supported and enabled scholars to produce over 100 books, many of which have been translated or republished in subsequent editions..

Title Author Publisher Year
A Vision with a Task: Christian Schooling for Responsive Discipleship Stronks, Gloria Goris and Doug Blomberg, eds. Baker Books


Abraham Kuyper: A Centennial Reader Bratt, James D., ed. Eerdmans


After Eden: Facing the Challenge of Gender Reconciliation Van Leeuwen, Mary Stewart, Annelies Knoppers, Margaret L. Koch, Douglas J. Schuurman, and Helen M. Sterk Eerdmans


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Bakhtin and Religion: A Feeling for Faith Felch, Susan M. and Paul J. Continio, eds. Northwestern University Press 2001
Catching Light: Looking for God in the Movies Anker, Roy M. Eerdmans 2004
Christian Faith, Health, and Medical Practice Bouma, Hessel, ed. Eerdmans


Christian Political Activism at the Crossroads Stevenson, William, Jr., ed. University Press of America 1994
Christian Scholarship. . . For What? Felch, Susan M., ed. Calvin College Press 2003
Christianity and Culture in the Crossfire Hoekema, David A. and Bobby Fong, eds. Eerdmans 1997
Christianity and the Mass Media in America: Toward a Democratic Accommodation Schultze, Quentin J. Michigan State University Press 2003
Literature and the Renewal of the Public Sphere Walhout, M.D. and Susan V. Gallagher, eds. St. Martin's Press 2000
Coming of Age: Protestantism in Contemporary Latin America Miller, Daniel R., ed. University Press of America 1994
Commitment and Connection: Service-Learning and Christian Higher Education Beversluis, Claudia DeVries and Gail Gunst Heffner, eds. University Press of America 2002
Community on Land: Community, Ecology, and the Public Interest Curry, Janel and Steven McGuire Rowman and Littlefield 2002
Dancing in the Dark: Youth, Popular Culture, and the Electronic Media Schultze, Quentin J., ed. Eerdmans 1991
Earthkeeping in the Nineties: Stewardship of Creation De Vos, Peter, Loren Wilkinson, and Calvin B. DeWitt, ed. Eerdmans 1991
Educating Christian Teachers for Responsive Discipleship DeBoer, Peter, ed. University Press of America 1993
Educating for Shalom: Essays on Christian Higher Education Wolterstorff, Nicholas, Clarence W. Joldersma and Gloria Goris Stronks Eerdmans 2004
Emmaus Readers: Listening for God in Contemporary Fiction, The Felch, Susan M. and Gary D. Schmidt, eds. Paraclete Press 2008
Exploring Kenotic Christology: The Self-Emptying of God Evans, C. Stephen, editor Oxford University Press 2006
Faith and Rationality: Reason and Belief in God Plantinga, Alvin and Nicholas Wolterstorf, eds. University of Notre Dame Press 1983
Faithful Imagination in the Academy Curry, Janel and Ronald A. Wells, eds. Lexington Books 2008
Foundations of Ethics: An Anthology Cuneo, Terence and Russ Shafer-Landau, eds. Blackwell Publishing 2007
Friendship Towards Peace: The Journey of Ken Newell and Gerry Reynolds Wells, Ronald A. Comumbia Press 2005
Geography and Worldview: A Christian Reconnaissance Aay, Henk and Sander Griffieon, eds. University Press of America 1998
Gift of the Stranger: Faith, Hospitality, and Foreign Language Learning, The Smith, David I. and Barbara M. Carvill Eerdmans 2000
John Calvin and the Natural World Young, Davis A. University Press of America 2007
John Calvin Rediscovered: The Impact of His Social and Economic Thought Bratt, James D. and Edward Dommen, eds. Westminster John Knox Press 2007
Let My People Live: Faith and Struggle in Central America Spykman, Gordon J., ed. Eerdmans 1988
Local Ownership, Global Change: Will Civil Society Save the World? Hoksbergen, Roland and Lowell M. Ewert, eds. World Vision Publications 2002
Making of Christian Communities in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, The Williams, Mark F., ed. Anthem Press 2005
Mathematics in a Postmodern Age: A Christian Perspective Bradley, James and Russell W. Howell, eds. Eerdmans 2001
New Songs Selles, Otto and relief prints by Geraldine Selles-Ysselstein Pandora Press Pandora Press 2001
One and the Many: Christian Identity in a Multicultural World, The Thompson, Thomas R., ed. University Press of America 1998
Portraits of Creation: Biblical and Scientific Perspectives on the World's Formation Van Till, Howard J., Robert E. Snow, John H. Stek, and Davis A. Young Eerdmans 1990
Promise of Hermeneutics, The Walhout, Clarence, Roger Lundin, and Anthony C. Thiselton Eerdmans 1999
Race and Reconciliation in South Africa: A Multicultural Dialogue in Comparative Perspective Van Vugt, William E. and G. Daan Cloete, eds. Lexington Books 2000
Race, Reconciliation, and Reformed Perspectives Groenhout, Ruth and Susan Hasseler, eds. Calvin College Press 2002
Radical Orthodoxy and the Reformed Tradition: Creation, Covenant, and Participation Smith, James K. A. and James H. Olthuis, eds. Baker Academic 2005
Real Texts: Reading and Writing Across the Disciplines Vander Lei, Elizabeth and Dean Ward Pearson Longman 2008
Recovering Nineteenth-Century Women Interpreters of the Bible de Groot, Christiana and Marion Ann Taylor, eds. Society of Biblical Literature 2007
Reformed Vitality: Continuity and Change in the Face of Modernity Smidt, Corwin E., Donald A. Luidens, and Hijume Stoffels, eds. University Press of America 1998
Reforming Economics: Calvinist Studies on Methods and Institutions Tiemstra, John P., ed. E. Mellen Press 1990
Religion and Politics in Enlightenment Europe van Kley, Dale K. and James E. Bradley, eds. University of Notre Dame Press 2001
Religion, Pluralism and Public Life: Abraham Kuyper's Legacy for the Twenty-first Century Lugo, Luis E., ed. Eerdmans 2000
Religion, Public Life, and the American Polity Lugo, Luis E., ed. University of Tennessee Press 1994
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Science Held Hostage: What's Wrong with Creation Science And Evolutionism Menninga, Clarence, Howard J. Van Till, and Davis A. Young InterVarsity Press 1988
Serving the Claims of Justice: The Thoughts of Paul B. Henry Koopman, Douglas L., ed. Paul B. Henry Institute 2001
Society, State, and Schools: A Case for Structural and Confessional Pluralism McCarthy, Rockne, ed. Eerdmans 1981
Sojourners in the Wilderness: The Christian Right in Comparative Perspective Penning, James M. and Corwin E. Smidt, eds. Rowman & Littlefield 1997
Sovereignty at the Crossroads? Morality and International Politics in the Post-Cold War Era Lugo, Luis E., ed. Rowman & Littlefield 1996
Student Affairs Reconsidered: A Christian View of the Profession and its Contexts Guthrie, David S., ed. University Press of America 1997
Bible, Rocks, and Time: Geological Evidence for the Age of the Earth, The Young, Davis A. and Ralph F. Stearley IVP Academic 2008
Responsibility of Hermeneutics, The Walhout, Clarence, Roger Lundin, and Anthony C. Thiselton Eerdmans 1985
Transforming Care: A Christian Vision of Nursing Practice Groenhout, Ruth E., Mary Molewyk Doornbos, Kendra G. Hotz, and Cheryl Brandsen Eerdmans 2005
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Glittering Vices: A New Look at the Seven Deadly Sins and Their Remedies DeYoung, Rebecca Konyndyk Brazos Press 2009
Bearing the Marks of Jesus: A History of the Christian Reformed Church in Cuba, Eduardo B. Pedraza Miller, Daniel R., trans. Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship 2009
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Christianity & Modernity in Eastern Europe Berglund, Bruce, Brian Porter-Szucs Central European University Press 2010
You Shall Have a Song: The Music of Stephen Paulus (CD) Shangkuan, Pearl, conductor and Kenneth Bos, accompanist Calvin College Press 2008
Charis: Boundary Crossings Smith, Rachel Hostetter, Ron O'Grady, and Joel A. Carpenter Calvin College Press 2009
Like Leaven in the Dough: Protestant Social Thought in Latin America, 1920-1950, Carlos Mondragon Miller, Daniel, trans. and Ben Post, trans. Fairleigh Dickinson University Press 2011
Reformed Mission in an Age of World Christianity: Ideas for the 21st Century Roels,Shirley J., ed. Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship & The Calvin College Press 2011
Selected Readings of Bible Stories Ling, Xing and Susan M. Felch Yunnan University Press 2011
Mathematics through the Eyes of Faith Howell, Russell and James Bradley HarperOne 2011
Jesus and Ubuntu: Exploring the Social Impact of Christianity in Africa Ntarangwi, Mwenda, ed. Africa World Press, Inc. 2011
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Interpretation of Scripture: Theory. A Selection of Works of Hugh, Andrew, Godfrey and Richard of St Victor, and Robert of Melun van Liere, Frans and Franklin T. Harkins Brepols Publishers 2012
Reforming Hollywood: How American Protestants Fought for Freedom at the Movies Romanowski, William D. Oxford University Press 2012
Sacred History: Uses of the Christian Past in the Renaissance World van Liere, Katherine, Simon Ditchfield, and Howard Louthan, eds. Oxford University Press 2012
The J. H. Bavinck Reader Bolt, John, James D. Bratt, and Paul J. Visser Eerdmans 2013
Truth Matters: Knowledge, Politics, Ethics, Religion Zuidervaart, Lambert, Allyson Carr, Matthew J. Klassen and Ronnie Shuker McGill-Queen's University Press 2013
Discipleship in the Present Tense: Reflections on Faith and Culture Smith, James K. A. Calvin College Press 2013
Exploring the Mysteries of the Bible Lee, Won Calvin College Press 2012
Christian Higher Education: A Global Reconnaissance Carpenter, Joel, Peter L. Glanzer, and Nicholas S. Lantinga Eerdmans 2014
Visions of Amen: The Early Life and Music of Olivier Messiaen Kim, Hyesook, Stephane Lemelin, and Stephen Schloesser Eerdmans 2014
Exploring Psychology and Christian Faith: An Introductory Guide Moes, Paul and Donald J. Tellinghuisen Baker Academic 2014
An Introduction to the Medieval Bible van Liere, Frans Cambridge University Press 2014
Between the Shadow & the Light: An Exhibition Out of South Africa Smith, Rachel Hostetter Calvin College Press 2014
The Little Logic Book Hardy, Lee, Del Ratzsch, Rebecca K. DeYoung, and Gregory Mellema Calvin College Press 2013
Divided by a Common Heritage: The Christian Reformed Church and the Reformed Church in America at the Beginning of the New Millennium Smidt, Corwin, Donald Luidens, James Penning, and Roger Nemeth Eerdmans 2006
The Sorcerer's Apprentice: A Christian Looks at the Changing Face of Psychology Van Leeuwen, Mary Stewart InterVarsity Press 1982
Gospel Vocalises And Warm Ups With Scriptures Devotions And Prayers Sawyer, Charsie Randolph Calvin College Press 2015
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Christians and Cultural Difference Smith, David I. and Pennylyn Dykstra-Pruim Calvin College Press 2016
American Roots Bratt, James D. Calvin College Press 2016
The Cambridge Companion to Religion and Literature Felch, Susan M., ed. Cambridge University Press 2016
Castle and Cathedral in Modern Prague: Longing for the Sacred in a Skeptical Age Berglund, Bruce R. Central European University Press 2017
En la mesa de Dios/At God's Table Witvliet, John D., MarÍa Eugenia Cornou, and Carrie Steenwyk; illustrated by Joel Schoon-Tanis CICW Books, an imprint of the Calvin College Press 2017
Beautiful Light: Religious Meaning in Film Anker, Roy M. Eerdmans 2017
Christianity and Religious Plurality: Historical and Global Perspectives Plantinga, Richard J. and Wilbert R. Shenk Cascade Books 2016
The Embrace of Buildings: A Second Look at Walkable City Neighborhoods Hardy, Lee Calvin College Press 2017
The Treatise on Happiness, The Treatise on Human Acts (The Hackett Aquinas) Van Dyke, Christina and Thomas Williams Hackett Publishing Company, Inc. 2016
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Husband, Wife, Father, Child, Master, Slave: Peter through Roman Eyes Schaefer, Kurt C. Wipf and Stock 2018
Congregations, Neighborhoods, Places Mulder, Mark T. Calvin College Press 2018
Screen Stories: Emotion and Ethics of Engagement Plantinga, Carl Oxford University Press 2018
At God's Table/하나님의 식탁 Witvliet, John D., María Eugenia Cornou, Carrie Steenwyk, and illustrated by Joel Schoon-Tanis CICW Books, an imprint of the Calvin College Press 2017
Sport. Faith. Life. Bolt, Brian R. Calvin College Press 2018

Disability and Inclusive Communities Timpe, Kevin Calvin College Press 2018
Why We Listen to Sermons Hoezee, Scott Calvin College Press 2019
Beyond Stewardship Warners, David Paul and Heun, Matthew Kuperus The Calvin Press 2019
Understanding Us & Them Dykstra-Pruim, Pennylyn The Calvin Press 2019
Good Places for All Bjelland, Mark D. The Calvin Press 2019
Better Together Wilstermann, Amy M. and Baker, Rachael A. The Calvin Press 2020
We are The Voice of the Grass: Interfaith Peace Activism in Northern Uganda Hoekema, David Oxford University Press 2019
Milton and the Parables of Jesus: Self-Representation and the Bible in John Milton's Writings Urban, David Penn State University Press 2019
Immigrants, the Bible, and You Benckhuysen, Amanda W. The Calvin Press 2020
Immigration Debates in America Katerberg, William The Calvin Press 2020