Studying political science at Calvin University means going beyond partisan and ideological divisions to give students a new way of seeing how political systems work—and how they should work.

You will develop skills in reading comprehension, quantitative analysis, oral and written communication, and you will be challenged to engage the study of politics by considering how faith can impact political institutions and public policy in a way that promotes justice throughout society. Our courses will help provide you a balanced and comprehensive understanding of politics, policy, and political inquiry.

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  • Policy Studies and Civic Leadership
    Equip yourself with the leadership skills and know-how to advance public policy.

  • Comparative Politics, Governments and Globalization
    Compare the internal workings of states across the world, studying how states form, democratize, and handle violent and non-violent contention and how globalizing forces such as human rights and climate change impact domestic politics.

  • Peace, Conflict, and Diplomacy 
    Investigate political, economic, and military interactions among states at a global level, with particular attention to resolving global problems through international cooperation.