Whether you've been called to full-time ministry, or to just about anywhere else, you are an essential part of God's church. Calvin's CMS program will show you how to maximize your impact as an agent of renewal, no matter where you end up.


The congregational and ministry studies department aims to critically examine how every other major and program in the university contributes to the life of the church and its ministries. Through classroom learning, research opportunities, and apprenticeships, you can discover your role in God's church.

The academic study of lay ministry is grounded in the Reformed tradition’s emphasis on the role of all people in ministry. Not only can anyone contribute to ministry, but academic preparation is crucial for us to make knowledgeable contributions to the church.


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Opportunities at Calvin

Calvin’s pre-ministry advising program is intended to help you plan for a future in Christian ministry.

Jubilee Fellows
This intensive, year-long program program accepts 12 juniors each year.

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Ministry Leadership Cohort
A cohort program for first-year students.

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