Partnering for a purpose

While Calvin is continuously growing in relationships with church communities around the world, we maintain a special partnership with the Christian Reformed Church. The Christian Reformed Church supports the university in equipping students as agents of renewal in God’s world through an education in the Reformed tradition.

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The Christian Reformed Church in North America is a family of congregations across the United States and Canada.

Quick Facts
  • 1,000+

    Christian Reformed congregations in North America with 195,704 members

  • 140

    years of partnership between Calvin University and the CRCNA

  • 23.7%

    of Christian Reformed (CRC) students

Key concepts

The Christian Reformed Church shares much common ground with Christ followers around the globe. Some key points of emphasis that distinguish the denomination from its ecclesiastical neighbors include sovereignty, covenant, and kingdom.


Reformed tradition holds tight to God’s sovereignty—the truth that He is all powerful and the world’s one hope for redemption.


While we as humans may not always be faithful in our promises, God keeps His word and showers us with covenantal love. This love is strong enough to carry His people throughout generations, even when they wander.


God’s kingdom is alive and well, beyond the confines of one nation, culture, or interest. Around the world, across people groups and in our work—from architecture to zoology—we are called to engage and care for God’s vast and growing kingdom.

Christian Reformed Church of North America