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You open the door. They change the world.

Your support opens the door to a Christ-centered education a little further. Currently, 99% of Calvin students receive financial aid. Your gift allows them to fully focus on their education and take advantage of everything Calvin has to offer.

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When we say every gift counts, we mean it.

Gifts of any size

Small gifts add up to a big impact. Last year, donors raised $519,753 with gifts of $100 or less.


53% of Calvin alumni have made a gift to Calvin at some point in their lifetime.

You make a difference

Participation matters. Alumni giving is one factor used in evaluating colleges and universities. A gift of any size increases our alumni participation rate, which can lead to more grants from foundations and corporations as well as higher national rankings.

Education matters

100% of Calvin’s faculty are committed Christians, which means your gift helps ensure students receive an education shaped by a distinctly Reformed faith.

“I just want to thank [the donors who] not only allowed me to stay at Calvin, but [also showed] me that no matter what struggles I’m going through, God will always continue to answer my prayers and surprise me in ways that will impact my faith.” Brenna Duffy ’21


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