In the first module of the curriculum, students learn about what the word Rare means, genetic changes that cause a rare disease, and what the cells in our body do and how that can be affected by having a rare disease.


Click on the links below to download the materials for Module 1

 Lesson 1: What Does Rare Mean?

      Lesson 1 Support: Visualizing Rare

 Lesson 2: What Causes a Rare Disease?

      Lesson 2 Support: Slides

 Lesson 3: What Do Cells Do?

      Lesson 3 Support: Body Outline

      Lesson 3 Support: Cell Size Comparison

      Lesson 3 Support: Cell Type Pictures

      Lesson 3 Support: Cell Cities

      Lesson 3 Support: How Many? Cards

      Lesson 3 Support: Vehicle Cards

      Lesson 3 Support: Examples of Rare Diseases

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