Rare Disease Education Materials for All Ages

We have developed a series of scientifically accurate and accessible training materials to help more people understand what it means to be rare.

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Rare Ed

curriculuar materials to help K-5 students understand the experience of being rare

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Cancer Ed

curriculuar materials to help K-5 students understand cancer

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a workshop activity for undergraduate or graduate pre-health students

How does using our curriculum work?

Our curriculum is freely available to anyone who is interested in using it. All we ask is that you cite our website and provide participants with the link to access our resources and additional materials.

If you have any questions about using the resources or feedback on materials you have used, please let us know!

Amy Wilstermann Research
Age-appropriate, engaging educational materials are important because they can correct misconceptions and encourage kids to discuss and ask questions about these diseases. Improved understanding can also relieve anxiety and empower kids to support friends or family members that may be affected by cancer or a rare disease.Amy | Project Leader