Jonathan Eiten ’92 always knew that he wanted to be an artist.

“In high school, I spent more time drawing people in class than doing schoolwork,” he said.

He was encouraged to pursue art, first by his parents and later by Calvin professors Chris Overvoorde, Charles Young, and Anna Greidanus, he said.

“Working with Chris Overvoorde was a big encouragement for me,” said Eiten. “I really wanted to paint.”

Since graduating from Calvin, Eiten has continued to paint and was recently honored with three awards at Art Comes Alive 2019, a juried competition sponsored by Art Design Consultants, Inc., in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Eiten’s Violin With Gin Bottle on Trunk earned him a gallery contract award, Painter of the Year, and Best in Show runner-up.

“My intent in composing an image is not only to tell a story but also to let the objects tell their own story,” Eiten writes in his artist statement. “Objects have their own place in our lives and can take on a life of their own. They undergo use and wear as they age and naturally take on character, making them interesting to look at.”

Such was the case in Eiten’s winning composition.

“I was bowled over by the three awards,” said Eiten, whose piece was among 4,000 submitted by international artists.

The Portland, Maine, resident said that, while he has exhibited his work mostly on the East Coast, exhibiting in the Midwest is an exciting new venture.

More of Eiten’s work can be seen at the Indian Hill Gallery in Cincinnati, on his Facebook page Jonathan Eiten Studio or online at