The notice of professor Jack Wiersma’s death in the Spark (summer 2017) brought back some very fond memories. Jack Wiersma was my grade eight teacher at East Edmonton (Alberta) Christian School in 1960. He was the first teacher I ever had who inspired me to learn. I remember that Jack brought his own microscope to school and through it I first saw live amoebas and paramecia. In 1967, with the echo of Jack’s enthusiastic teaching still in my memory, I graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in biology. Jack’s exemplary teaching also motivated me to want to become a teacher. After a number of years of classroom teaching and a doctorate in education, I became an assistant professor of education at The King’s College (now University) in Edmonton. I will miss Jack Wiersma, who will certainly be warmly welcomed into eternity by our Lord with a resounding “well done, good and faithful servant.”

-Bob Bruinsma
Edmonton, Alberta