The Calvin University School of Business today announced the winning article for the 2023 Award for Scholarship on Christianity in Business. The article, “Trying to Serve Two Masters is Easy, Compared to Three: Identity Multiplicity Work by Christian Impact Investors” was written by Brett Smith, Amanda Lawson, Jessica Jones, Tim Holcomb, and Aimee Minnich. The award recognizes academic papers exemplifying excellent scholarship on Christianity in business. The paper explains how individuals manage their multiple role identities and how those identities influence decisions related to impact investing.

Lead author Brett Smith will present the paper, answer questions, and receive the award on September 18 at 4 p.m. at the Calvin University School of Business. The event is complimentary, but registration is requested.

“The paper makes a meaningful contribution to the literature on Christianity in Business,” said Jill Risner, Professor of Marketing, Calvin University School of Business. “The findings are relevant for those interested in how their faith impacts their investment decisions as well as those working in entrepreneurship and finance. We are so excited to engage in the work of Dr. Smith and his team.”

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