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The Drug-free Schools and Campuses Act of 1989 requires institutions of higher education to adopt and implement effective policies which prevent the unlawful possession, use or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students and employees. Colleges and Universities are required to review policies and sanctions to determine effectiveness, implement needed changes and ensure that disciplinary sanctions are consistently enforced.

Calvin University provides the following online information to students and employees:

  • Calvin University Alcohol and Drug policies are found within the Student Conduct Code.
  • This page provides links to websites with information regarding the use of illicit drugs and the abuse of alcohol.
  • This page also provides a listing of local resources for drug and alcohol counseling and treatment.

Drug Facts

Narcotics, Stimulants, Depressants, Hallucinogens, Other Drugs of Concern

Local Resources for Substance Abuse Treatment

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services

300 68th Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512
(866) 852-4001

Christ Life Counseling Center

150 Ann St. NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49505
(616) 365-8074

Wedgewood Christian Services

3300 36th Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI, 49512
(616) 942-2110

Sanford House Addiction Treatment Centers

540 Cherry Street SE
Grand Rapids, MI, 49503
(616) 288-6970

Dr. Cynthia Kok, MSW, Ph.D.

Licensed psychologist and psychotherapist


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