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Student Senate exists to serve the student body in two ways: by representing student opinion and working on initiatives.

Who we are

Student Senate is a group of about 20 students who represent and make decisions on behalf of the entire student body. We meet a few times each week to speak with Calvin faculty members and work on projects. Student Senate meetings are every Monday from 4:30-6pm in the Alumni Association Board Room and are open to all members of the community. Student senators can be reached with any questions or comments during regular business hours by visiting the Student Senate Office in Commons Annex 140 or by email (see contacts below).

Representing student opinion

There are around 40 faculty governance committees at Calvin that initiate and oversee decision-making at Calvin that Student Senate is involved with. These committees involve big topics such as academics, core, sustainability, equality, safety, and much more. Student Senate appoints student representatives to sit on many of these committees, where they are able to directly impact the decision-making processes of the University.


Student senators take on projects and initiatives to improve student life at Calvin. These projects can involve all kinds of things, such as physical renovations to campus, changes to class requirements, school policies, or resources, and events. If you have a recommendation for our team to work on, feel free to reach out to any of the student senators listed below, or leave a comment on our website.

Freshman Council

Freshmen Council is a branch of Student Senate that focuses on involving first-year students and training them up as new leaders of Calvin. The council was created to increase freshmen representation while decreasing the time commitment so first-year students could participate while still exploring other opportunities. Freshmen Council works on one major initiative throughout the year that emphasizes serving the freshmen class specifically.

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JB Britton

Associate Dean of Campus Involvement and Leadership
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