Sexuality and Gender Awareness (SAGA)

SAGA is a peer education group of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, plus (LGBT+), and straight students who support each other and educate the campus. We meet weekly for fellowship and learning. Multiple events throughout the year seek to foster a more welcoming and educated community.


SAGA all-campus events are listed on the Sexuality Series calendar:

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About Calvin University and LGBT students.

Gender-inclusive restrooms on campus

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Individual buildings.

These are single person restrooms, available to anyone.

Get involved

SAGA warmly welcomes new members. SAGA has opportunities for students to be members, educators, and leaders.

Yearly events

  • LGBT+ (A peer led workshop offered in the residence halls)
  • You are Loved Campaign
  • Various speakers on topics connected to sexuality and gender

If you are LGBT+ or straight at Calvin...

Because the church we are affiliated with has stated that sexual orientation is not sinful and has called us to care well for our LGBT+ members (see, Calvin seeks to be a safe place for LGBT+ and straight students to grow and learn. With our denomination, we affirm that a student can be LGBT+ and a follower of Jesus Christ. It is our mission that all students will find a place at the university where they can be shaped for work and worship in God's kingdom. SAGA works to foster a climate where that is possible and every student can learn about sexuality, gender, and relationships in light of their faith.

Helpful resources

Here are few of the many campus resources to aid students in their journey:


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