Advisors are critical to the success of a student organization. An active and involved advisor can help shape a student leader and the course of a student organization. Thank you for taking the time to invest in our students this way.

All advisors need to sign and submit an advisor consent form to be considered the official advisor of a student organization.

Responsibilities of advisors

  • New advisors must attend at least 1 training.
  • Provide assistance and direction to the organization. Encourage the leadership to develop programs and events that add to the educational mission of the college.
  • Help maintain continuity from year to year by reviewing the charter and goals set by leadership and noting helpful traditions and programs within the group.
  • Be sure the organization and student leadership recognizes the opinions and rights of AHANA and LGBT+ students.
  • You have the right to postpone an activity or publication, if you deem it inappropriate, until it is brought before the student life committee. The committee may make a decision and, if necessary, make recommendations to the president and the faculty senate for action.
  • Understand Calvin University's policies and procedures, listed in the student life handbook.

Suggestions for effective advising

Set expectations early

Both you and your organization leaders need to understand what each person expects out of their involvement. Some organizations will need your involvement more than others.

Make yourself available

Being accessible to the leaders really increases your effectiveness. Make sure they can reach you through e-mail or your office number. Attending regular meetings or events also helps to show that you are willing to participate. Keep in mind, you are not required to attend all regular meetings since the students are responsible for the routine management of the organization.

Challenge the organization

Encourage the organization to try new and creative programs. Challenge them to not be satisfied with what has been done in the past, but to develop programs that enhance their experiences at Calvin in new ways.