Chinese Student Association (CSA)

Chinese Student Association (CSA) is a vibrant community primarily composed of Chinese students, yet open to all who share an interest in Chinese culture.

Our organization offers diverse gatherings including major Chinese festivals that provide an enriching platform for individuals to learn and immerse themselves in the beauty of Chinese traditions. Additionally, we provide a forum for students interested in learning and practicing Chinese language with the World Languages Department. At CSA, we extend support to the Chinese student body, embracing all who identify with Chinese heritage, and actively foster a sense of community through various initiatives. Join us as we celebrate cultural diversity and create lasting connections within our inclusive and welcoming space.


  • David Qu- President
  • Sherman Xia – Vice President of Administration
  • Daniel Hong – Vice President of Operations
  • Esther Chu - Secretary
  • Sarah Zhang- Finance Manager
  • Eden Shi - Treasurer
  • Steven Shi - Outreach
  • Michael Zhang - Event Coordinator
  • Gabriel Li - Event Coordinator

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Instagram: @calvin_csa 

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Anding Shen

Anding Shen

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