Who we are

We are students and writers who share a common passion for excellent communication and student development. Around here, we’re known as consultants. At the Rhetoric Center, we provide helpful feedback for writers, speakers, and artists in their academic and creative endeavors. We also have bright characteristics that make visits to the Rhetoric Center new and dynamic. Meet the 2020-2021 RC staff below!


Mattheus Colyn


I’m a senior from Edmonds, Washington, a suburb about 20 minutes north of downtown Seattle. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to records, checking movies off of my watchlist, eating good food, and complaining about my math classes. I also love learning new stuff, and look forward to reading your papers! Sign up with me here.

Kate DeHaan

Writing, Linguistics

In my spare time, you can find me at my desk writing, at an art museum (with a mask on and socially distanced of course), or tromping around the woods. I love so many things including - but not limited to backpacking, physics, turtles, turtlenecks, YA literature, embroidery, peeling clementines in one peel, etc... This being said, I will genuinely geek out about any paper, story, poem, or anything else that you bring to me. Happy writing writers! Sign up with me here.

Isabel Johnson

Biochemistry, Psychology

Hello! I’m a senior Biochemistry and Psychology major with a Neuroscience concentration and someday I hope to do research on neurological disorders. Right now, I am a Calvin Beckman Scholar, which means I get to spend a lot of time doing research on Rare Diseases here at Calvin. I am from Avon Lake, Ohio. In my (extremely limited) free time, I love to go on hikes, visit museums, climb at Calvin’s rock wall and at Terra Firma, travel, cook yummy food, sit in the sun, paint, and write poetry. I have a passion for creative writing and can very quickly become interested in almost any topic (I was obsessed with nuclear power plants in the 8th grade!), so I love reading your research papers. I am also experienced with Psychology writing and APA citation style. I am passionate about clarity and concision in scientific writing. I am excited to work with you! Sign up with me here.

Jesse Kinyua

Organizational Communication | Entrepeneurship

Hi, I’m a freshman from Kenya, and some of the things that I’m passionate about are music/singing, food, talking, and food. Did I mention food? I also really love meeting new people so, if you’re ever looking for someone to talk to or you have a spare hour to listen to me talk, let me know. Finally, I’m always looking forward to assisting anyone with whatever questions they might have at the Rhetoric Center. The weirder, the better. Sign up with me here

Timothy Lin

History, Philosophy

Hi, I’m Timothy. I’m a sophomore from China. Besides traveling, enjoying nature, and watching old movies, my greatest love is to immerse myself in the company of a good book and listen to the author speak. I’m also a humble initiate to Calvin’s history and philosophy people, so I hope to use whatever I learn to help you in your writing process! I’m very excited about working at the RC and look forward to to reading your papers! Sign up with me here.

Sophia Morgan

History, Environmental Studies

Aloha kākou! I’m a senior from the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. I came to Michigan in hopes of experiencing a new culture, landscape, and perspective (but seeing snow and squirrels for the first time was a big draw too). I love being outdoors, working as a floral designer back home, binge-reading historical fiction, and making outlines. So if you need to brainstorm a topic, organize your arguments, write a persuasive piece with statistics, or find out what “aloha kākou” means, stop by the Rhetoric Center and look for me! Sign up with me here.

Abena Oduro

Economics | Chinese

Akwaaba! I am senior born and raised in the Akuapem Hills of Ghana, West Africa. I'm pursuing a double major in Economics and Chinese and have come to love Calvin and the communities I have found here. The RC has become one of those communities to me. When I'm not in the RC, you may find me at Peets ordering my 3rd french toast bagel for the day. I'm excited to meet you and would love to help you talk through anything "rhetoric" – papers, powerpoints, poetry or anonymous love letters. See you around! Sign up with me here.

Michal Rubingh

Writing | International Development

Hello! I’m a junior studying writing and global development. The Rhetoric Center is one of my favorite corners of Calvin because of the quality people who work here, and because I get to meet you all! I’m filled by music, good writing, the sun, and water. I love long conversations and deep people. I really believe that the writing process is much more fun when you bring other people into it, so come by the RC to brainstorm, revise, and take ownership of your work. Sign up with me here.

Katie VanDyke

Writing, Biology

I am a sophomore from Kentwood, MI, only about 15 minutes away from our lovely campus. I have lived here in Michigan my whole life but with the constantly changing weather and wide variety of places to visit, there is never a dull day. I tend to give myself a pretty full schedule and stay busy, so in those moments of relaxation that tend to be few and far between I love to read a good book, watch movies with my friends, get out in nature, hammock or just have time for community with my people over food. I love getting to read writings from others and I am excited to be a part of your writing process! Sign up with me here.

Harm Venhuizen

Political Science, Philosophy | Journalism

Hey, I'm Harm. I'm a junior from Burnett, Wisconsin - a town with more cows than people. Besides working at the Rhetoric Center, I'm the religion editor for Chimes, Vice President of Calvin's Political Dialogue and Action Club, and an Army ROTC Cadet. I've done a lot of different things in my life, from milking cows to fighting wildfires, and I'm always looking to learn new things, so bring me your papers! Sign up with me here.

Karen Saupe

Director of the Rhetoric Center | English Department Chair

I’m Karen Saupe, part-time RC director, full-time English prof and some-time summer camp director. It took me far too long to discover the value of having other people read my work (shaky drafts and masterpieces alike), and I’m still learning about how to write better by eavesdropping on RC sessions. Working with RC staff is my favorite thing about being at Calvin. I like the outdoors, very short bike rides, the non-grading parts of teaching, and leading the Sunday morning preschool jam band/danceathon chaos-fest at my church. I wish I could play the banjo.