Who We Are

We are students and writers who share a common passion for excellent communication and student development. Around here, we’re known as consultants. At the Rhetoric Center, we provide helpful feedback for writers and speakers in their academic and creative endeavors.

Meet the 2023–24 Consultants

Sara Hag Ali

Biology, Writing, Biochemistry

Hello! I am Sara, a sophomore from Sudan. I have been extremely passionate about reading and writing for the longest time, even more so when my dad bought me Little Red Riding Hood and my first journal back when I was a kid. If I am not reading or writing in my free time, I am either chatting enthusiastically with friends, watching Netflix, or baking. Sometimes, I think of writing like baking cookies. You take a bite of your first ever batch, and you ask yourself: Is it too soft? Too sweet? Then you adjust your next batch, accordingly, keeping in mind the preferences of your guests. Did I mention that I burned my first batch of cookies in senior year of high school? Yes, I almost failed my essay, and yes, I know how hard it can be! Writing is an adventure and a journey with many possibilities and potential, and I would be glad to serve as your guide at the Rhetoric Center as you explore and navigate through! I have grown a lot in my writing through the years, and I would be happy to help you grow too! See you!


Ruth Choi


Hi! I am a sophomore who grew up in Kenya. I'm passionate about missions and faith. I love music, reading, and feeling accomplished over a writing project. I'm excited to work with you in your writing projects! 


Reagan Herbert

Spanish, French

Hi there! I'm a senior from Aurora, IL, studying Spanish and French. Other than writing, I enjoy traveling to Europe, having rich conversations with friends, eating out, and visiting my second home, Disney World. I have a passion for languages, immersing myself in different cultures, and listening to other people's stories. I love working at the Rhetoric Center because it gives me the wonderful opportunity to get to know you all and your unique stories through writing. I look forward to meeting you in the RC!


Esther Jun

English Education

Hello, I am a junior studying Secondary Education and ESL. I was born in South Korea but grew up in China and Thailand. I love hanging out with friends and watching sunrises and sunsets. I am passionate about learning languages and cultures because they influence everyone’s thoughts and beliefs. Writing is difficult for me as well; however, I love how pieces of writing speak in different ways, showing one’s personality and opinions. I am excited to read your writing and join you in the learning process. I hope to see you at the Rhetoric Center!


Panashe Makuvaro


Hello! I am a senior from Zimbabwe, and I am very passionate about problem solving, writing, music, and anything floral. I love that in all these things you can find ways to express yourself and interact with others, whether through communicating a solution, sharing a story, or putting together a seasonal floral arrangement. I am always up for a chat and cannot wait to meet new people at the Rhetoric Center! 

Jordan Preis

Writing, Psychology, Film and Media

Hi! I’m Jordan, a junior and a transfer student from St. Louis, Missouri. As you can probably tell from my double major and minor, I love communication—whether through writing, interpersonal relationships, or visual mediums like film. If you find yourself sitting across from me in the RC this year, I’m sure you’ll notice a few things: I’m growing out a buzz cut, I love coffee and asking questions (the caffeine helps with that), and most importantly, my goal is to support you and your writing! I would love to work with you and help make the writing process feel less intimidating and maybe even a little fun!

Savannah Shustack


Hello! I'm Savannah, a senior from North Adams, MA (which is as about as far away from Boston as possible while still being in Massachusetts). I am majoring in English with a concentration in literature, and I work at Chimes; my favorite part about both roles is that I get to intentionally listen to people's stories. Words are my jam, but I also love baking, lifting, hiking, and vintage postcards. I look forward to hearing your stories (and helping you with your writing) this year in the Rhetoric Center!  

Jonathan Umran

English Secondary Education

Hey! I’m Jonathan, and I’m a senior from Egypt. I like to spend my time playing and watching sports, listening to music, hanging out with good people, and writing about anything and everything that pops into my mind. I love and dread the process of writing, so I’d be more than happy to share your joys and frustrations with you as you trudge through that process yourself. I can’t wait to meet you!


Kate Wilmot


I’m a senior and a transfer student who grew up in Ethiopia and then found her way to Michigan. I love poetry, lifting weights, and not getting dropped off buildings (a story for another time). I also love anything creative and new, which includes meeting cool people who aren’t sure what to do with that one paper. I’m excited to get creative with it together!


Kristine Johnson

University Rhetoric Director

I’m the Rhetoric Center director and a professor in the English Department. The best job I've ever had—until this one—was tutoring in the Purdue Writing Lab, and I love working one-on-one with writers. At Calvin, I teach writing and linguistics and mentor future English teachers. My favorite part of the writing process is when I'm deep in a project, and my least favorite part (and the part that makes me the most cranky) is starting something new.