The provost, along with members of the Academic Council:

  • Articulates and promotes the Reformed Christian mission of the University.
  • Develops and employs a distinguished, multicultural faculty of Reformed Christian conviction.
  • Provides oversight of the educational policies and programs of the University.
  • Continues the development of dynamic, liberal arts-grounded curricula that remain responsive to new fields and shifting interests and needs.
  • Directs allocation of resources to academic departments, the Hekman library and other academic programs.
  • Promotes effective faculty governance policies and practices.
  • Strengthens and supports faculty development in teaching and learning, research and scholarship, cultural competency and inclusive excellence, and Reformed Christian engagement in teaching, learning and scholarship.
  • Strengthens and supports student success through oversight of student academic services, advising programs, college registration services and encouragement of co-curricular goals.
  • Provides oversight and coordination of programs and partnerships that engage with communities around the world.

Academic offices & services