How do I create my Calvin account?

Go here to claim your Calvin account and set your passphrase. You will need your Calvin username. Your Calvin username and netID have been emailed to the email address you used during the application process. You can also contact Admissions or your admissions counselor.

Why do I need to activate my Calvin account?

Admitted students need to activate their student account to access various services at Calvin, including the new student portal and other online resources and paperwork that may be required to complete your admission. Once you are fully admitted to Calvin, you will also receive a Calvin email address as part of your Calvin student account. As a Calvin student, you are responsible for using and checking your Calvin email, as this will be the default means of communication with you while you are a student.

What services does this account provide access to?

When should the account be activated?

You should activate your account as soon as you are instructed to by Admissions. You will receive email communications from Admissions when you can activate your account. This email will provide the necessary information and link. 

What can I do as the parent of an admitted student?

Students are required to manage their own accounts and passphrase. CIT is not able to assist anyone except the individual student with resetting a passphrase. This is because access to some Calvin services include access to information that is protected by federal laws such as FERPA and HIPAA. If your child needs assistance setting up his or her account or resetting their passphrase, please have him or her contact the HelpDesk and provide their full name, date of birth, Calvin username and/or ID number, and a personal email address for follow up.

Need help?

Please email CIT at