Calvin University offers free guest wireless access.

Wireless access is available for most of the campus, including common spaces such as cafes, living rooms in the apartments and atriums.

Connect your computer or mobile device to the guest wireless network by selecting CalvinGuest from the list of available wireless networks.

Is your wireless card turned on?

Many laptops have a physical wireless switch on either side or the front. These switches can be easily bumped into the "off" position. Other laptops have a wireless "hot button" on or above the keyboard, or allow wireless to be switched on/off by holding down the Fn key (usually in the bottom left area of the keyboard) and pressing the corresponding function key along the top.

Are you in an area that has wireless coverage?

We cannot guarantee a connection outside of our coverage areas. Occasionally, an unreliable connection will be possible outside of these areas due to what is known as wireless bleed but these connections are not guaranteed.

Is your wireless adapter set to automatically obtain an IP address via DHCP?

Your wireless adapter must be set to automatically obtain an IP address and DNS address in order to use Calvin’s network. If you have manually entered an IP address and/or DNS address you will need to change this setting.

Are you connecting to Calvin Guest and not one of the other Calvin networks?

Verify that your computer or device is currently connected to the CalvinGuest network and no other Calvin networks. Disconnect from/forget any other network such as eduroam. Other Calvin networks require additional setup and login credentials only available to current students, faculty, and staff.

Have you tried another browser?

If you are connected to CalvinGuest, but the Login successful web page is not loading or you cannot browse the Internet, try a different web browser, your web browser's Private Browsing or Incognito Mode, or clear your browser's cache and cookies.

Additional support: If you have gone through the troubleshooting steps above and need additional support connecting to the guest network at Calvin, please contact your event host/sponsor.