The following information should answer any questions you may have regarding available technology for long-term guests of Calvin University and visiting scholars.

If your guest will be using a designated office, conference room, or other area and requires wired network access (via an Ethernet cable) for their own computers or other equipment, please contact the HelpDesk at least a week in advance of the arrival date so that we can assess your needs and provide and appropriate solution.

If your guest will be using an existing Calvin computer in a designated space, contact the HelpDesk. While a visitor login provides access to use the computer and Internet, there is no printing capability or access to network drives.

The Guest network is available for all visitors and guests. This network is available in several locations on campus. Guests whose home institutions use eduroam may connect to the eduroam network here at Calvin.

If your guest will be bringing his or her own laptop computer in order to give a presentation in a classroom or lab, there should be cables at the instructor station in the room labelled for laptop use. This bundle includes a VGA cable for connecting to the projector, an audio cable for sound, and an Ethernet cable for Internet. If your guest would like to show a presentation that requires Internet access, use the Ethernet cable for wired access. There is no setup or authentication required when using the Ethernet cable.

Your guest will also need to make sure their laptop or mobile device has a VGA output or VGA adapter. All of our classrooms are equipped with an additional VGA cable for connecting a laptop to the projection system. Many newer devices use video output such as HDMI or Display Port and may require a VGA adapter for use in Calvin classrooms.

If you are not sure if the room you will be using is equipped with the functionality your guest will need, please find out from your guest what equipment they are bringing and what they would like to use in the classroom, then contact the HelpDesk in advance for assistance.

If you are hosting a long term guest such as a visiting scholar and it is appropriate for your guest to have access to CIT services (Calvin login, printing, wireless, email, network drives, etc), please contact the HelpDesk as least a week in advance of the arrival date.

We cannot guarantee that all such requests will be honored and may need approval from other departments such as the Provost Office, but the HelpDesk will serve as the original point of contact for assessing the needs of your guest.