Calvin University technology accounts are automatically activated and deactivated depending on your affiliation with Calvin. Admitted students receive their username, netID, and account claim instructions via email from Admissions. New faculty, staff, and contingent workers receive their information via email from the Calvin Account Hub.

Activate your account

What services does my Calvin account provide access to?

The following are some of the resources and services your Calvin account gives you access to:

What are my username, netID, Calvin email, etc?

All active students, faculty, staff, and contingent workers have a "Calvin account" that includes a netID, a username, and a Calvin email address (note: admitted students will receive their Calvin netID and username early on during the application process, and then receive their Calvin email address after certain criteria are met; this is communicated via email from Admissions).

Example: Calvin staff employee "John Calvin"

Example: Calvin student "Jane Doe"

Your username is your initials and an assigned number. Your netID is your Your email address is the same as your netID (students, emeriti with technology access) or your (faculty and staff).

What are the requirements for my Calvin passphrase?

When logging in to your Calvin account, you will use a passphrase. Secure passphrases are the key to ensuring the security and confidentiality of information. Your Calvin passphrase must meet the following requirements:

  • current or previously used passphrases may never be reused
  • must be 15-30 characters long
  • must use characters from two or more of the following character sets:
    • Lowercase letters
    • Uppercase letters
    • Numbers
    • Symbols, Punctuation, or Spaces (some systems may not accept a passphrase with a comma)
  • must include at least 4 different characters
  • must not start or end with a space
  • must not repeat the same character 3 times sequentially
  • password expiration is enforced

Setup a new hire
Use the CIT Service Center Employee Onboarding tool to request access and IT services for a new employee or student employee.