Summer 2024

The housing terms specified below constitute the terms of an agreement between Calvin University and the lease. The agreement does not create a landlord-tenant relationship.

Terms of Agreement

Summer intern agrees to the following:

  1. Pay Calvin University the sum stated in exchange for living accommodations.
  2. Become familiar with and adhere to all regulations of the University and governing bodies of Knollcrest East.

The university reserves the right to the following:

  1. Hold residents responsible for damage and losses to apartment property.
  2. Make any reassignment or adjustment in accommodations deemed necessary by the staff. The university reserves the right to control use of rooms in event of an epidemic or emergency.
  3. Enter student rooms without prior notification and/or permission when there is good reason to believe there is a violation of university or state regulations or for maintenance purposes during university vacation periods.


Taking into consideration respect for fellow residents and college property, and considering standards of behavior Calvin University expects, the university prohibits the following in Knollcrest East. This list is not exhaustive; items not included here may also constitute terms of this agreement.

  1. Use of rooms or facilities in Knollcrest East for any commercial purposes whatsoever.
  2. Soliciting, peddling, or vending of all types and distribution of literature by residents or outsiders without approval of the director of residence life.
  3. Use or possession of firearms, fireworks, or explosives of any sort.
  4. Possession of mercury thermometer or other toxic or hazardous chemicals as directed.
  5. Use or possession of other weapons, including switchblades, paint-ball guns, potato launchers, slingshots, and similar devices.
  6. Possession of alcoholic beverage containers use or possession of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or drug paraphernalia.
  7. Presence in an apartment or room in which alcohol is present and/or being consumed.
  8. Inappropriate or offensive posters or room decorations
  9. Degrading, hurtful, or offensive language.
  10. Weight lifting equipment and water beds in student rooms.
  11. Installations of outside aerials.
  12. The housing of birds, cats, dogs, and all other pets (except fish).
  13. Removal of window screens.
  14. Use of drum sets. Electric guitars or any amplified instruments must be used within noise guidelines or they will need to be removed.
  15. Removal of or tampering with smoke detectors or room accessories (draperies, doors, or any other items fastened with hardware).
  16. Removal of any college furniture from student rooms and/or disassembling of furniture.
  17. Balcony decorations deemed inappropriate by the Knollcrest East Area Coordinator.
  18. In addition, the college staff reserves the right to regulate any activity or property used in Knollcrest East that may threaten the health, safety, or well-being of the residents or damage building property. The college also reserves the right to regulate the outward appearance of Knollcrest East.

Apartment accommodations

Apartment furnishings include beds, desks, chairs, bookcase, kitchen table or counter eating area, dressers, wastebaskets and mattress pads. These furnishings are not to be removed from the apartment. Linens are also provided but must be laundered on own at occupant's discretion.

Keys/building access cards

A resident is issued a key when moving into Knollcrest East. This key is returned to the college when the resident moves out of Knollcrest East. A charge of $50 per key is assessed for lost keys and keys not returned. For security purposes, a card access system for Knollcrest East is in place. The replacement cost for a lost ID is $25.

Housing damage and cleaning charges

When a resident leaves, for whatever reason, a final checkout will be done by Residence Life staff. Residents are asked to thoroughly clean and restore their room/apartment to its original arrangement. Failure to properly check out or clean the room will result in cleaning charges and fines charged to the contract Signee. The charges will first be deducted from the deposit. Charges remaining over the $200 deposit will be billed to the contract Signee.


Although the college will use all reasonable efforts to protect residents’ property, it is understood that the college is not in any way liable for the loss, theft, or damage to any property belonging to residents. The occupant agrees to cooperate with his/her roommate in the common protection of property. Apartment doors should be locked when the apartment is not occupied. Renters insurance is encouraged.