Our mission and goals

The College Access Programs Office invites students of all grade levels to begin thinking about participation in their communities and in the world by:

  • providing academic guidance and enrichment programs
  • offering preparation for college-entry activities and test taking
  • giving exposure to subject areas and careers

It is our hope that college access program participants will:

  • understand the wide array of educational options available after high school
  • experience what a college campus has to offer
  • arrive at high school graduation equipped with requisite skills
  • be able to select a college that matches their desires

The College Access Programs Office creates and implements programs for those with whom Calvin has established partnerships in educational ministry. Many of these partnerships relate to specific churches and schools, ethnic minority groups, and low-income populations. The Office also identifies partners within the university for effectively integrating the College Positive Volunteerism (CPV) framework into regular college operations. CPV enhances our work in CAP by supporting and increasing the number of Calvin staff and students who communicate the vision of college as an achievable goal to all students, and especially to students from groups underrepresented in higher education.