Your Calvin adventure starts right here. Calvin’s Knight Scholars program is all about setting you up for success. By giving you some important tools early in your university experience, you’ll be able to excel toward graduation. We’ve helped many students launch their Calvin experience, and our unique formula leads to great results.

Knight Scholars take an academic transitions course (ASC 111) over the summer or another academic success course in the fall. We are able to provide our summer course for only $200. Besides starting the fall semester 2 credits ahead, this course focuses on human cognition, memory, study strategies, and motivation that factor highly into students’ academic success.

Knight Scholars can receive additional support through their Community and Commitments (CORE 100) course.

Students may also qualify for specialized writing or math coursework; we invite you to ask us more about these options.

Knight Scholars are provided regular meetings with their professors and advisor along with other coaching resources at Calvin.

Advisors help students clarify their direction, work towards their goals, and navigate university curriculum. Instead of waiting until mid-fall to advise, we offer students a chance to meet with their advisor over the summer, and then during the traditional fall and spring times. This relationship continues through the first year.

Periodic Calvin gifts including exam treats and yearly swag keep spirits high during stressful times of the year and invite students to celebrate their hard work and success.

In Their Own Words

Knight Scholars

Students are admitted to Calvin as Knight Scholars through a decision of the committee on admissions or through connection with the director of the Knight Scholar Program. The committee on admission identifies students who show promise to flourish at Calvin, promise to contribute to the community, and who the university wants to support well in their university transition. Students admitted to the program by the committee are encouraged to participate. Other students identify the supports the program offers as key to their college transition.


Knight Scholars take placement tests during the summer before their first year at Calvin to determine the most appropriate curriculum.

Mathematics – Students previous coursework and performance in mathematics are reviewed to discern a student's readiness for college level math and math related courses. Class suggestions include ASC 105, STAT 143 with ASC 110, or not taking a mathematics course as part of the Calvin core.

Written Rhetoric – The written rhetoric self-placement guides students to make an educated decision about the best writing option for them: a stretch equence in which they study writing fall and spring of their first year (ENGL 100/102 or a one semester, condensed class (ENGL 101).

Academic Success Courses


Top Knight Scholars can apply for the June Antuma DeBoer Scholarship.

June DeBoer joined Calvin University in 2001 as a coordinator for students with disabilities. In 2010 she was promoted to associate director of academic services and in that position also served as the director of the Access Program (now Knight Scholars Program). June was a passionate advocate for the students with whom she worked. As a teacher and academic counselor, she worked tirelessly to help students discover and realize their potential, celebrating each success with joy and encouragement.

At her request and to honor her legacy, her husband Nick and their children, Jonathan and Jenna, have established this scholarship to preserve June’s memory through the lives of hardworking students who have participated in the Knight Scholars program at Calvin University. A $2,500 scholarship is available to a qualified student for their second year.



Kyle Heys

Kyle Heys

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