After your first semester, you can register for classes online. To officially enroll in classes each semester, you are required to register for your schedule well in advance.

Normally, you should plan to take between 12 and 17 semester hours (3-5 courses) during the fall and/or spring terms, and 3 or 4 hours (1-2 courses) during interim. To prepare for registration, we suggest that you meet with an academic advisor at least once each semester.

See your advisor

Meet with your advisor before registering to compile a list of course sections that you may take. Your advisor should verify that you have been advised by lifting your advisor hold through Student Resources. If you are a regular undergraduate student (not post-BA, guest or graduate student) you will only be able to register through Student Resources if your advisor has lifted the hold.

Know your registration time

Check Student Resources for your registration time, or click the relevant semester below.

Sign up for your planned classes as soon as Calvin's registration schedule allows. Upcoming registration and class schedule availability dates are posted below.

Summer 2019 registration
Interim/Spring 2019 Registration

Search for classes, create a preferred list

Once the class schedule is posted, you can begin to create a preferred list of course sections in Student Resources. If you encounter error messages while trying to log, in see our FAQ about possible holds.

Using express registration: Enter the term, subject, course number and section letter for each specific class; submit individually or in bulk to add courses to your preferred sections list.

Using the Search and Register: Enter as much search criteria as you need to find classes. You will be provided with a list of courses that match your search criteria; be as specific as you can. Place a check in the select sections column for each course you want to save. Submit to add these courses to your preferred sections list. If you can't find a course, see our FAQ.


You can register one of two ways:

During or after your assigned registration time, you can finalize the registration for your courses in Student Resources. Under preferred sections, select 'RG - Register' from the drop-down list in the action column next to each course that you would like to register for and submit. You will NOT be registered for course sections in the preferred sections list until you select 'RG - Register.'


Review your schedule carefully to ensure that you have registered for the correct term and course sections. Use the drop classes option to drop any courses that you have mistakenly registered for or no longer want. Use registration or add classes to register for additional classes.

You can view and/or print a copy of your schedule in Student Resources, either a detailed list or a grid layout.

Registering for off-campus programs

If you have submitted Calvin's preliminary application for off-campus study, and have been accepted into an off-campus program, you will automatically be registered for your courses. Questions should be directed to Rachel Cush.


For information about holds, conflicting courses and other common registration questions, see our FAQ.

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