Calvin University offers students the opportunity to take French, German, and Spanish language placement assessments online. These tests are designed to help determine what sequence of language classes would be best the best fit to complete the foreign language core requirement.

Taking the world language assessment

These are not exemption tests. They cannot be used to “test out” of a language. Your placement score will have no impact on your grade point average at Calvin.

Please resist the temptation to use any outside resources to help you with the test. The sole purpose of this placement test is to place you accurately in the class in which you are most likely to succeed, and an artificially inflated score is likely to have a negative impact on your performance in class. If you are concerned that you have been placed incorrectly or have any other questions, please contact someone in the appropriate language department.

The placement assessments generally take between twenty and twenty-five minutes.


Please review all the instructions and then begin the assessment.

  1. Follow the assessment link.
  2. Create an account with your Calvin email and ID number.
  3. Log in, select and complete the appropriate language placement exam (French, German, or Spanish).

Begin your assessment

Additional notes

  • Calvin does not offer online placement assessments for Chinese, Dutch, Greek, Korean, Japanese, or Latin. Incoming students interested in these languages should indicate their interest on the Three Minute Questionnaire or during Passport Advising. Please consult faculty in those departments for further assistance.
  • If you are interested in studying multiple languages, you may go back complete another language placement assessment.
  • You must complete the test for a score to be given.
  • French, German, and Spanish Placement Results: The test will stop, somewhat suddenly, once it has figured out your level. A Placement Exam Report will appear with the total points and a recommended class level. Any questions about the placement results should be directed to the respective language department.