Please read the following before submitting your appeal form.

Traffic violations are issued for infractions of established University parking and driving regulations. An appeal should be based on the premise that the violation issued was not consistent with the Calvin parking and driving regulations, or that special extenuating circumstances exist that should excuse the appellant from compliance with those regulations. Appeals must be submitted in writing within 7 calendar days of the violation date. Appeals which are submitted more than 7 calendar days after the violation date will not be considered.

Appeals will initially be reviewed by the campus safety office to see if the violation has been written in error. If the violation is found to have been written in error, the campus safety office can revoke the violation and you will be notified in writing of this action.

All appeals of violations not written in error will be forwarded to the traffic violations appeal board. By filing an appeal, the appellant and campus safety agree to accept the board’s decision as final and binding. The traffic violations appeal board is the final University ruling regarding traffic violations. You will be notified of the board's decision in writing.

The appeal board consists of students, staff members and faculty and requires a quorum of 3 members to review appeals and render decisions. The board only considers appeals in writing and meets on a regular basis to read these appeals and make their decision.

The appeal board has authority to deny an appeal of a violation, sustain an appeal of a violation, or alter the violation to one that they consider to more appropriately define the infraction.

The appeal board attempts to make its decision based on the parking/driving regulations of this institution.

The following are situations that are typically NOT accepted as valid extenuating circumstances for parking or driving in violation of Calvin’s parking and driving regulations:

  • An appeal based on the lack of a parking permit. All motor vehicles possessed or used on campus must be registered with the campus safety office as soon as operation of said vehicle begins on the campus.
  • An appeal based on how long you were parked in violation. Officers will issue a citation to any vehicle parked in violation of regulations. An appeal that states that the vehicle was only parked for two minutes, five minutes, etc is not considered valid. A parking restriction holds for parking for any period of time.
  • An appeal based on your need to get to class/work/an appointment on time.  It typically requires a few minutes to locate a parking space within the campus' parking system.  It is suggested that drivers plan their schedules such that there is sufficient time to find and park in a legal space and allow for extra walking time.
  • An appeal based on lack of a parking space near your destination.  Parking spaces are very competitive, and the campus' parking system doesn't guarantee a space in a specific lot. Drivers must park in a legal space in a lot valid for their permit.
  • An appeal based on the appellant's assertion that they did not see the sign or line markings.  It is the driver's responsibility to note and comply with all posted signage, notices, and line markings.
  • An appeal based on lack of knowledge of the regulations.  It is the driver’s responsibility to read and familiarize themselves with the parking and driving regulations. Your opinion that the parking rules are unfair is not a legitimate basis for appeal.
  • An appeal based on the assertion that someone else was using your vehicle.  Loaning a vehicle to another driver does not excuse the owner from violations incurred by the vehicle.
  • An appeal based on the assertion that you did not receive a violation on your vehicle.  As long as there is record of the violation being written, it is considered valid. In some cases, the nature of the violation may require that the violation is mailed to the registrant, such as a moving violation.
  • An appeal based on a vehicle malfunction.  Drivers who experience a vehicle malfunction and cannot move their vehicle (for example: out of a lot that prohibits overnight parking) must report their vehicle as disabled to campus safety immediately at x6-6452, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Use of four-way hazard flashers.  Four-way flashers are designed to warn other motorists that your vehicle may be a hazard. Use of four-way flashers does not allow you to park illegally for any period of time. The use of four-way flashers or other vehicle lights is necessary and only recognized as legitimate in posted short-term parking areas near residence halls and apartments.

If after reviewing the above information, you believe you have not violated the parking and driving regulations and have just cause to file an appeal, you should fill out this form.

Note: Under the Pay Notices section, enter your license plate and notice number to reach the appeal form.

Traffic Violation Appeal Form