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NOTE: In order for KnightGuard services to work properly, you must allow the app to use Location Services “While the app is running” – you will be prompted to do this the first time you open the app.

KnightGuard, the safety app for Calvin University!

KnightGuard was designed to provide a safe experience for Calvin students, faculty, staff and campus guests. This app is an incredible resource for anyone on campus!

The mobile app contains many safety features such as:

  • Virtual Safety Escort - share your location and destination with Campus Safety to have them watch over your walk home!
  • Virtual Friend Escort - share your location with a friend and have them monitor your progress and quickly alert Campus Safety on your behalf if there is an emergency!
  • Mobile Blue Light - trying to find a blue safety phone on campus? Look no further than your pocket! Call the Campus Safety emergency line while simultaneously sharing the exact location of your emergency with them in real time!
  • Crime Reporting - notice something unusual or wrong? Let Campus Safety know!
  • Emergency Response Plans - prepare yourself in case of emergencies by reviewing Calvin’s plans for large disasters, threats or other emergency situations!
  • Support Resources - other resources to help you with any crisis you’re dealing with!