Spring 2024 Campus Bible Studies

Each semester Campus Ministries provides Bible study opportunities for the campus community to engage with. We also have many past Bible study resources available for free.

This spring we will be studying the Gospel of John together. Seven weeks of curriculum will be provided beginning the week of January 28 (running until approximately the week of March 24 depending on how many breaks your group needs to take). Curriculum will be posted to the bottom of this page.

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Groups Offered

Check out groups being offered on campus. Contact the group leader with specific questions about the group (example, if a location or time is not listed but you are interested in joining). Signing up is not required to join a group, but is encouraged.

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Dorm Studies

BB - Wednesday 8-9pm - Bennink Basement - Leaders: Sophie Kiel & Isaac Nelson
BHT - Tuesday 8:30-9:30pm - Heyns Basement - Leaders: Ruth Choi & Karena Moleakunnel
BV - Tuesday 9-10pm - Prayer Room on Veenstra Side - Leaders: Annika Wilson & Amanda Paintin
KE - Thursday 7-8pm - TE Lobby - Leaders: Joseph Lindsey Brocklehurst and Ellie Andrews
KHvR - Thursday 7-8pm - Kalsbeek Basement - Leaders: Lucy Bronkema & Anna Howland 
NVW - Monday 8-9pm - Noordewier Basement - Leaders: Rebekah Harrison & Ellanore Rush
SE - Monday 8-9pm - Eldersveld Basement - Leaders: Breanna Long & Jack Lanning

International Student Groups

International Students & Friends: Thursdays from 7-9pm in Commons Annex 216 - Leaders: Lilian Samuel & Daniel Harold, friends of Calvin

International Students: Sundays from 3-4pm in Johnnys - Leader: Sung Soo Lim, Associate Professor, Politics and Economics

Athletic Groups

Faculty/Staff Groups

For Young Professionals at Calvin (staff under 30): Wednesdays from 2-3pm in the Lower Gezon Space- Leader: Kay Casturo, Engagement Manager- Office of Development

For Female Staff and Faculty: Thursdays from 8:30-9:30am in Spoelhof Center 366 - Leader: Kari Dykhouse, Housing Coordinator

For Administrative Assistants: Thursdays from 12:30-1:30pm - Leaders: Natalie Hubers, Department Assistant - Kinesiology & Robin Zylstra, Department Assistant - Student Life

Other Groups

For Anyone: Sundays from 7-8pm in Johnny's Cave - Leaders: Jonathan Curlee and Caleb Tan, students

For Anyone: Mondays from 6-7pm in Commons Annex 214 (with some variation in location) - Leader: Kieychia Likely, Assistant Director of Student Engagement & Thriving

For Anyone: Wednesdays from 1-2pm in Commons Annex 214 - Leader: Pastor Tarence Lauchié, Pastoral Partner

For Any Students: Thursdays from 4-5pm in Student Life 364 - Leader: Sarah Visser, Executive Vice President for Student Experience and Strategy

For Barnabas & Discipleship Leaders: Wednesdays from 1:30-2:30 in Commons Annex 216 - Leader: Sarah VerMerris, Assistant Director for Discipleship

For Freshmen & Friends: Tuesdays from 4-5pm - Leader: Amy Bell, Disability Coordinator and Academic Counselor

For Outdoor Rec: Thursdays 7:30-8:45pm in the Outdoor Rec Office - Leader: Ben Richards, Outdoor Rec Ministry Intern

For Nature Lovers & Anyone: Mondays from 12-1pm in Discovery Place Classroom at the Bunker Interpretive Center - Leader: Tom Hartzell, Campus Sustainability Program Coordinator, Calvin Ecosystem Preserve and Native Gardens

For SPAUD Students: Fridays from 11a-12pm in NH162 - Leaders: Tiffany Krampe, Clinical Administrative Assistant- SPAUD & Emily Vedra, Program Manager- SPAUD

For STEM Students: Thursdays from 5:30-6:30p in DeVries Hall 3rd Flood study nook - Leader: Douglas Vander Griend, Professor of Chemistry

For Student Organization Leaders: Wednesdays from 11a-12pm CIL Office - Leader: Lisa Hammond, Program Coordinator, Campus Involvement and Leadership

John Bible Study.png


Week 1 (Jan 28-Feb 3): Overview of John
Week 2 (Feb 4-10): John 1:29-34 - Jesus: The Lamb of God
Week 3 (Feb 11-17): John 1:35-51 - Jesus: "Come and See"
Week 4 (Feb 18-24): John 4:4-30, 39-42 - Jesus: Seeker of the Outsider
Week 5 (Feb 25-Mar 1): John 9 - Jesus: Healer
Week 6 (Mar 10-16): John 13:1-17, 34-35 - Jesus: The Loving Servant
Week 7 (Mar 17-30): John 20:1-18: - Jesus: The God Who Knows Our Name

Contact information

If you have questions you may contact us at campusministries@calvin.edu or stop by the Campus Ministries office in Commons Annex 150.