This Spring the 2020 Campus Wide Bible Study is called "Invitations to Connection."

From now until spring break, Campus Ministries is offering a six-week study using excerpts from My Heart Cries Out by Paul David Tripp. There are a lot of ways we are disconnected from others and from God; ordinary ways, everyday ways. Perhaps you feel far away from God, or you got into a fight with a friend. These are moments where we might not make a big deal of it, but we are experiencing disconnection. These studies are meant to gather people and have them connect—to each other and to God. It’s invitations to connection with others and with God; to listen to others and to listen to what God might be saying through scriptures and our community. It is a focus on liturgies for ordinary parts of life (a fight with a friend, feeling far from God, feeling like we care about something when others don’t care about that thing); ordinary parts of life that feel like disconnection.

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Join us at LOFT, Sunday evenings at 8 p.m. in the chapel. You can also view archived LOFT services.

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