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Virginia Davidson ’17

This summer, we’re following the class of 2017: Calvin graduates who are journeying around the corner and across the globe. Virgina Davidson is working as a nurse in the emergency department of Spectrum Health.

  • Name: Virginia Davidson
  • Class: 2017
  • Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
  • Major(s): Nursing
  • Next step: Nurse, Emergency Department, Spectrum Health

What’s one class or professor that had a profound impact on your journey? How so?

Professor Bebej. I was struggling with physiology and he took some time aside and spent a total of five hours helping me find a way to study that worked for me. This is something so unique about Calvin—the fact that professors will take that amount of time for one student, which in turn could tremendously impact the student. I then used the study method in each class that I took, which raised my grades and helped me to retain the information I studied.

What are you most passionate about and how did you discover that passion?

I’m most passionate about serving people. I was able to discover this passion by opening my eyes to the world around me and not being afraid of taking a step off the path. I knew I wanted to go into the health care world, but was not sure what step to take. My senior year, I decided to intern with a surgeon at John’s Hopkins Hospital, which influenced me to go to Calvin. If I did not step outside of the path, I wouldn’t have gone to Calvin or be working at the Emergency Department at Spectrum.

What about Calvin specifically prepared you for this next step in your journey?

Confidence. Calvin helped me to be confident in my skills and in my knowledge. Calvin challenges you within academics to see how much you are capable of. In high school, I had doubts about going to college and being able to succeed. Calvin accepted me and even gave me scholarships and grants, which helped me to see that they believed in me. Without Calvin, I would not be where I am with the confidence I now have within nursing and life in general.

How has your faith grown at Calvin?

My sophomore year roommate in the dorms passed away the summer after that year. That was the hardest thing that I have ever been through. I was able to get through it because of the amount of support I received from the staff at Calvin and how present God is on the campus. I never thought that I would be able to step onto campus again, but knowing the presence of God on the campus and the people I could just call if I needed help made it possible.

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