December 01, 2022 | Matt Kucinski

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On December 1, 2022, more than $5 million in additional aid opens up for incoming and returning students. This is on top of the robust financial aid packages that Calvin already offers. This $5-million-dollar allotment is significant for a couple of reasons. First, the 1,475 scholarships that make up this pool of money average $3,400 each, and many of them are renewable for multiple years. Second, the scholarships are personalized, donated by a family, foundation, business, or individual who wants to pay forward their Calvin experience or honor the memory of a loved one by supporting a student who represents their values, area of study, or interests.

Watch how a named scholarship made all the difference for senior education major Thomas J. Williams.

While you can view and search the full listing of scholarships here (which are available to students from first-year to graduate school), we decided to curate a list of 10 of the hundreds of options first-year students applying to Calvin can take advantage of now.

1. Larry and Sharlene Nyhoff Scholarship in Computer Science

Amount: $4,900 (non-renewable)

Larry Nyhoff began teaching mathematics at Calvin College in 1963. As student interest in computing began to grow in the early 1970’s, Calvin began introducing computer-programming courses, which gradually led to a computing “track” in the mathematics major. Professor Nyhoff taught many of these courses and helped develop a complete program in computer science and the eventual formation of a separate Computer Science Department. Professor Nyhoff and his wife Sharlene established this scholarship to encourage students who plan to pursue a major or minor in one of the programs in computer science.

2. Vander Griend Voice Scholarship

Amount: $3,000 (renewable)

This scholarship was established by Mrs. Carolyn Vander Griend who was the recipient of a similar award, the Vander Heide Voice Award, while she was a student at Calvin. Because of the encouragement and affirmation she received as a recipient of this award she has cultivated a lifetime of enjoyment from singing as well as a deeper appreciation for music in general. A student who is interested in pursuing a major or minor in music and who exhibits an interest and capabilities in voice and is studying voice and taking voice lessons should apply.

3. Impact Scholarship

Amount: $10,000 (renewable)

This scholarship was established by supporters of the college who want to make a significant impact on the life of a Calvin student. This award will support a North American ethnic minority student who is pursuing a career in a health-related field and needs someone to come alongside them to make college affordable.

4. Johanna Kempers Wyngaarden Art Scholarship

Amount: $4,950 (renewable)

Dr. James B. Wyngaarden of Durham, NC, established this scholarship to honor his mother, Mrs. Johanna Kempers Wyngaarden. Mrs. Wyngaarden is lovingly remembered by her children as a warm and nurturing Christian mother who filled her home with music, art and inspirational prayers. The purpose of this scholarship is to strengthen Christian education in music and fine arts for worthy students. Students pursuing a degree in art may apply for this scholarship, with preference given to art studio majors; second preference to art education majors.

5. Chris and Katie Prins Family Scholarship

Amount: $3,000 (renewable)

Chris ’04 and Katie ’01 Prins both came from out of state to attend Calvin College and greatly appreciated the Christian education they received. Since Chris grew up in San Diego, CA, and Katie came from Oak Brook, IL, they appreciate the extra financial expense out of state students may face. Through this scholarship they want to support a student from California or Illinois who needs financial assistance to attend Calvin University, with a first preference given to students interested in a career in business.

6. Perseverance Scholarship

Amount: $5,350 (renewable)

This scholarship was established to provide scholarship assistance to students with physical disabilities. The donor, who himself has physical disabilities, and his wife established this fund out of gratitude for all that God has done for them and their family, especially the impressive Christian education they received at Calvin. The scholarship is named “Perseverance” because the command in Hebrews 12:1b, “…let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us”, is especially poignant for those living with physical disabilities.

7. Science Goals Scholarship

Amount: $2,500 (renewable)

Al and Mary Ter Haar established this scholarship with the desire to ease the financial burden for a student who is pursuing a career in science, who is majoring in one of the following science programs: pre-med,nursing, biology, biochemistry, chemistry, physics, or geology. They hope to help minimize a student’s need to work so they can concentrate on studying and areas of related service.

8. Armor of Light Scholarship

Amount: $3,800 (renewable)

The foundation sponsoring this scholarship is interested in both Christian education and engineering. They are eager to help a student with financial need who has these same interests and priorities and who demonstrates creativity and participation in extra-curricular activities.

9. Reverend Bernard Haven Memorial Scholarship (missionary kid)

Amount: $2,750 (renewable)

This scholarship was established in memory of Rev. Bernard Haven, a graduate of Calvin College and Calvin Seminary. Rev. Haven joyfully served the Lord on the Zuni mission field. Relatives of Rev. Haven desire to assist students whose parents are serving God on the mission field.

10. Eugene and Lois Miller Family Scholarship

Amount: $15,000 (renewable)

This scholarship was established by Eugene and Lois Miller to provide assistance to North American ethnic minority students who are entering or continuing in their studies at Calvin University. These students will have demonstrated academic competence in both high school and college. Selected recipients will be required to meet regularly with a mentor from the Center for Student Success or participate in the TRIO: Student Support Services program.

Get Started

Students can apply for all named scholarships at

Admitted students

Once admitted to Calvin, use your Calvin credentials (which can be found on your Calvin Admissions portal). The application should take less than 20 minutes and you only have to fill out one. Then, your application will automatically match you to scholarships where you meet the donor’s criteria.

Returning students

Current Calvin students can access their application with their Calvin login and passphrase.

Note: There are named scholarships available for both undergraduate and graduates students.

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