November 04, 2014 | Katie Salyer

David Reimer (April 14), Edye Evans Hyde (March 3) and Beth Colpean (Feb. 3) will perform in the Notes at Noon Series this spring.

Calvin’s newest musical offering, Notes at Noon, got off to a fun start earlier this month with a piano and percussion performance.

Music events manager Heather Rodgers hopes that this new series will offer a new alternative to evening series that they’ve run in the past. “We wanted to tap into a new market and provide something accessible for staff and students during the day,” Rodgers commented.

The concert series Notes at Noon features small (30 to 60-minute) noontime samplings of professional musicians from the Grand Rapids area as well as Calvin faculty.

The next Notes at Noon concert will be the Early Music Consort of Grand Rapids at noon on Tuesday, Nov. 11 in the Covenant Fine Arts Center Recital Hall. The concert is free and open to the public.

Past success, future opportunity

The latest series joins the already growing Modern Knights series that highlights student performances. “This student driven concert series has doubled in size in one year,” Rodgers noted. The series includes six concerts featuring student instrumentalists, percussionists and vocalists. All revenue from these programs go towards the respective ensemble’s international tours.

Rodgers says these opportunities and showcases reflect the wide variety of talent at Calvin. Sophomore music education major Caleb Sinclair praised Calvin’s faculty for encouraging its majors to get out of their comfort zones. “Calvin is super intentional with preparing you to be musically excellent, not only in your specific field ... Knowing how to engage different areas of music is extremely important.”

The music department has recently celebrated new beginnings of concerts and also longstanding traditions with Calvin Music Festival giving its 69th annual concert this past month. The concert featured seven ensembles, including Calvin’s a cappella performance group, Capella.

Sinclair participated in the well-known Capella ensemble. “There’s a soft spot in my heart for Calvin Music Festival,” he said. “It’s a lot like a family sharing a meal. Like a big potluck dinner of collaborations between ensembles.”

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