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Two of the three new Calvin interim options take students outside.

Inspired by the popularity of the recently added Amazing Race and Plein Air painting interims, Calvin’s academic division is proposing three new January offerings for the 2011–2012 academic year:


IDIS W173—Plein Air Cooking

Inspired by art professor Frank Speyers' plein air painting interim and taught on location around Calvin’s Vincent and Helen Bunker Interpretive Center, this class brings the traditional kitchen outside. Students will learn outdoor cookery—everything from tinfoil basics to can-on-flame cuisine—and they will cook everything from Mushroom What? to Squirrel a la Sauce. When not cooking, students will learn about the philosophy behind cooking en plein air. This course may fulfill an elective in the biology major. Fee $30. (Students required to provide pans and seasonings). R. Fazlic 8:30 a.m. to noon.

IDIS W43—The Astounding Walk

Through readings and discussions, students will be prepared to wander the Calvin campus in pairs, discussing the meaning of life, the universe and the lyrics from the latest Decemberists CD. Students will learn how to relate meaningfully with a significant other through readings from Engaging God’s World—with You. Students will also inventory campus lighting conditions. This course may fulfill an elective in the biology major. Fee $30 plus a pearl ring. (Requires equal numbers of male and female students: singles only.) A. Winkle. 6 p.m. to end of open hours.

IDIS W260—Hand-eye Coordination

This interim trains students to effectively utilize a wide range of gaming consoles and accessories, including handheld devices, to improve their hand-eye coordination for further gaming. Students will be trained on Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation 3, Xbox 360 with Kinect and other systems. They will learn to efficiently manage resources, navigate rough terrain, increase their leveling ability—and get wicked quick at Halo. This course may fulfill a HPERDS, or biology, elective. Fee $63.96. (Students provide their own Doritos and Mountain Dew.) V. Norman. 10 p.m. to whenever.

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