May 23, 2016 | News & Stories Staff

Each year, departments across campus hold writing contests to encourage excellence in written rhetoric and specific disciplines. The Rhetoric Across the Curriculum program is proud to announce the following 2016 winners on behalf of the participating departments:

Science Writing Prize

Wentiirim Annankra, “The Use of DDT for Eradicating Malaria”

John De Bie Prize (History)
Lucas da Silva, “A Scandalous Alliance or a New Approach? French Justifications of the Sixteenth-century Franco-Ottoman Alliance”

Ten Hoor Prize (Dutch)
Anna Essenburg, “The Dutch and Their Complex Relationship with Water”

Minnaar Award (English 101)
Austin Roden, “Government and Corporation Failure”

O.K. Bouwsma Prize (Philosophy)
Denise L. Dykstra, “Conditional Probability as Basic”

Gender Studies prizes
Junior/Senior awards:
Bekah Waalkes, “Beauty, Justice and the Female Body in On Beauty
Kara Vogelzang, “Access to Abortion: Restrictive Policies”
Mary Schultz, “Meret Oppenheim, Gender, and the Surrealists”

Freshman/Sophomore awards:
Laurel Luke, “A Woman’s Work: A Short Contextualization and Reflection of the Post-Holocaust Theology of Melissa Raphael”
Michael Moentmann, “Let’s Talk About Sex”

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